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Results! Tuesday Night Race Series 2018

Last Updated: 09.Jan.2018

2018-01-09 - Results from TNR1

2018-01-04 - Update:  registration for TNR18 winter is LIVE! PLEASE consider registering for all of them if you think you're going to do more than a couple. It's WAY easier for us to mark you DNS than have to manually enter you. It'll take under 5 minutes, and that's even if you have to set a password, etc.

The Winter Tuesday Night Race Series is back! Beginning January 9, 2018 at 4:00pm, join us for a chance to challenge yourself, hangout with friends, or measure your ski fitness in a low-key atmosphere. The race is held weekly and points are calculated throughout the winter, with age group and overall prizes awarded at the end of the season. The technique and course for the race will change weekly in order to keep the series exciting. Registration will begin at 3:15 and the start gun will go off at 4:00. Entry is free for members and houseguests, otherwise it is covered by a day membership. Volunteers are needed and those who help will be awarded race points. See more details here and we look forward to seeing you on trails.