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Susan racing in Oberhof (photo: NordicFocus)


Emily qualified for the Olympic Team!! (photo: Team USA)

GRP Biathletes Compete at the World Cup and the IBU Cup Last Weekend

Last Updated: 12.Jan.2018

Apologies for the late article… Poor internet and crazy travel days contributed to the delay. But without further adieu, here’s the run-down from last weekend’s European biathlon races.

Susan Dunklee and Clare Egan both competed at the fourth World Cup of the season in Oberhof, Germany. In the sprint race, Susan placed 62nd and Clare 86th. Clare cleaned prone, but both athletes struggled with their standing stage and neither qualified for the following day’s pursuit. Susan and Clare are now competing at World Cup 5 in Rhupholding.

Meanwhile over in Slovakia, Emily Dreissigacker was competing at the IBU Cup in Brezno-Osrblie. The weekend consisted of two sprints. In the first sprint, Emily placed 32nd (first American) with only one miss. In the second race she finished 45th (second American) with two standing misses. Emily is now racing the IBU Cup in Arber. 

Come February, Susan, Clare, and Emily will all be representing the U.S. at the Winter Olympics in PyeonChang, South Korea so stay tuned!

More information and results can be found at biathlonworld.com.