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A sprint finish between Owen Jones and Leo Circosta. Leo crossed the line first.

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Racing is hard work.

Results: TNR #5

Last Updated: 06.Feb.2018

This afternoon's race featured a longer freestyle mass start race, where racers covered approximately 8k on the Ruthie's Run course. There was also a shorter, 2k BKL race.

Podium finishes:


1. Ollie Burruss 26:04.0

2. Nils Koons 26:04.2

3. Ben Taska 27:44


1. Hannah Dreissigacker 30:38

2. Elise Lawson 33:40

3. Jennifer McIlvane 34:52


1. Charlie Kehler 7:50

2. Aidan Moffett 9:40

3. Effie Dunn 10:10

4. Evvie Tower-Pierce 11:38


See full results here and season standings thus far year. All the BKL results are above as they were hand-timed. 

Next week's race will take place at Hardwick Trails, with a classic intervals start race. Stay tuned for more details.