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2018 Olympics: how to watch

Last Updated: 07.Feb.2018

Want to follow our Olympians? Brace yourself! PyeongChang, South Korea is 14 hours ahead of the Eastern Standard Time Zone, so watching live will be rather punishing and likely involve some serious caffeination. The schedule of events that Craftsbury athletes may be participating in:

Saturday, February 10:
Women's Biathlon, 7.5km Sprint - 6:15am EST
Women's XC, 15km Skiathlon - 2:15am EST

Monday, February 12:
Women's Biathlon, 10km Pursuit - 5:10am EST

Tuesday, February 13:
XC, CL Sprint Qualifier - 3:30am EST
Heats - 6:00am EST

Wednesday, February 14:
Women's Biathlon, 15km Individual - 6:05am EST

Thursday, February 15:
Women's XC, 10km FS - 1:30am EST

Saturday, February 17:
Women's Biathlon, 12.5km Mass Start - 6:15am EST
Women's XC, 4x5km relay - 4:30am EST

Tuesday, February 20:
Biathlon, Mixed Relay - 6:15am EST

Wednesday, February 21:
Women's XC, Team Sprint FS Semis - 3:00am EST
Finals - 5:00am EST

Thursday, February 22:
Women's Biathlon, 4x6km Relay - 6:15am EST

Sunday, February 25:
Women's XC, 30km Mass Start CL - 1:15am EST

You can find full schedules online at NBC, and there's a super helpful guide to options to watch the Olympics over at Gizmodo (the short version? Pony up for a Hulu Live subscription.) Also Fasterskier has some ideas on finding coverage. When you dig into the full schedules at NBC, you'll note that there's a fair number of replays scheduled in the afternoons and evenings, so that may be a good option for those who want to watch but get some sleep.

We are also exploring organizing some viewing parties, so stay tuned as we pull that together.

The eagle-eyed among readers may have noticed that we said "may be participating in". While the biathletes should get starts in most every race, the skiers may or may not get any starts during the Olympics - and we may will likely not know until much closer to the events of any given day. Currently only the skiathlon and the classic sprint startlists have been nailed down, with Ida getting a start in the sprint. We're confirming with Caitlin and Kait about the skiathlon.

Go Green! Go USA!