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Greyson Davis rounding a corner in the skate race (Photo Chris Young)

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Smiley girls (Photo Chris Young)

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Jordi Kulis looking strong in the skate race (Photo Chris Young).

CNSC Juniors Will Represent Team Vermont at U16s and Eastern High Schools

Last Updated: 27.Feb.2018

On Sunday, February 18, many of the Craftsbury juniors battled it out with high schoolers from all across Vermont at the Rikert Nordic Center at the VT Eastern High School/ U16 Championship Qualifier. The race format is unique to the Qualifier: a classic 3k in the morning and skate 3k in the afternoon. The results are then combined to determine who will represent Team Vermont at these Championship races. The top 20 overall go to Eastern High Schools and top 20 U16s go to the U16 Championships. The U16 Championships will be at Gore Mountain in North Creek, New York March 9-11 and Eastern High Schools will be at Black Mountain in Rumford, Maine March 16-18. The juniors had a very strong showing for both girls and boys, with top finishes in all the races!

Women’s Results: 

  • Callie Young-2nd overall. 4th classic, 2nd skate
  • Quincy Massey-Bierman-3rd overall. 6th classic, 3rd skate
  • Phoebe Sweet-4th overall. 3rd classic, 5th skate
  • Marika Massey-Bierman-12th overall. 13th classic, 11th skate
  • Adrienne Remick-18th overall. 8th classic, 20th skate
  • Jordi Kulis-21st. 19th classic, 23rd skate
  • Claire Ellis-44th. 39th classic, 49th skate
  • Sydney Kulis-68th overall. 70th classic, 69th skate. 21st U16

Men’s Results:

  • Finn Sweet-11th overall. 8th classic, 15th skate. 2nd U16
  • Griffin Wright-14th overall. 7th classic, 20th skate
  • Bjorn Westervelt-23rd overall. 27th classic, 19th skate
  • Jack Young-34th overall. 29th classic, 25th skate. 9th U16 
  • Greyson Davis-36th overall. 29th classic, 37th skate. 10th U16 
  • Nathaniel Wells-39th overall. 32nd classic, 47th skate
  • Makail Tipton-42nd overall. 43rd classic, 41st skate. 12th U16. 12th U16 
  • Aiden Casey-52nd overall. 53rd classic, 41st skate. 16th U16
  • Tzevi Schwartz-58th overall. 64th classic, 53rd skate. 1st U14

Representing Team Vermont at Eastern High Schools: Phoebe, Callie, Adrienne, Quincy, Marika, Jordi, Finn, and Griffin.

Representing Team Vermont at U16s: Jack, Greyson, Makail, and Aiden. 

In addition to Nordic racing, Marika and Bjorn mixed it up with some biathlon racing as well. On Saturday, they raced at the Biathlon NorAm in Lake Placid, New York. In the youth boys division, Bjorn was 2nd with two misses each prone and standing. In the youth girls division, Marika was also second, missing one prone shot and three standing shots.

See full results from the qualifier here and NorAm here. Junior racing continues March 5-10 at Junior Nationals in Solider Hollow, Utah, the Mansfield Nordic Club Skiathlon March 11th in Craftsbury, U16 Championships March 9-11, and Eastern High School Championships March 16-18.