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David Moody hammering to the finish

Results: TNR #8

Last Updated: 27.Feb.2018

This week's Tuesday Night Race had an added bonus: a biathlon option! There were two races simultaneously-a 5k running backwards on the homologated race course and a 4 stage  biathlon race on the north end of Lemon's Haunt. 

Reverse Homologated 5k Men's Podium: 

1) Ollie Burruss 14:02

2) Wes Vear 15:31

3) Makail Tipton 15:35


Reverse Homologated 5k Women's Podium:

1) Carrie Nourjian 19:04

2) Maggie McGee 19:25

3) Jennifer McIlvane 19:57


Biathlon Men's Podium:

1) Bjorn Westervelt 22:00

2) Nils Koons 22:23

3) Leo Circosta


Biathlon Women's Podium:

1) Amelia Circosta 27:52

2) Ruth Krebs 28:03

3) Naia Tower-Pierce 33:10   

See full results for ski race here, biathlon race here, and over season standings so far here

Racing continues next week with a Ski Orienteering, to coincide with the Ski-O World Cup taking place here next week. More details to come.