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Some of the younger racers teamed up for this new challenge. Here, Anika Leahy, Ruth Krebs, and Amelia Circosta decide on their next move.

Results: TNR #9

Last Updated: 07.Mar.2018

In conjunction with the World Cup and Masters Championship that are currently happening in Craftsbury, this week's Tuesday Night Race had a different flair to it: ski orienteering! Ski orienteering (or Ski-O for short) combines navigation and cross-country skiing skills. Some of the best Ski O-ers are in Craftsbury racing for the week. The race organizers kindly set up a course for our weekly TNR participants.

Please note that these results do not account for accuracy, meaning that some people may have missed controls (checkpoints), gone to controls in the wrong order, or gotten more controls than they actually needed, but all in the spirit of fun and trying something new! 



 Men's podium:

1. Nils Koons 20:01

2. Eric Hanson 21:53

3. Ethan Dreissigacker 21:54

Women's Podium: 

1. Hannah Dreissigacker 23:31

2. Allison Van Akkeren 31:05

3. Linda Ramsdell 34:30

See full results here and season standings here.

Next week's race will conclude the 2018 winter TNR series.The race is "long distance" and is scheduled for Highland Lodge, with a celebration afterward! Stay tuned for more details.