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2018 Mud n' Ice Quadrathlon Results

Last Updated: 25.Apr.2018

Results are in for the 2018 Mud n' Ice Quadrathlon! On a spectacular sunny Sunday, competitors skied, ran, paddled, and biked each leg of the course, either individually or as teams. 

The overall fastest time of the day went to Peter Gurney, racing solo as an Iron competitor. He completed all four legs in a total of 1:51:20. The second fastest time, 1:52:59, went to the NorDorks, a two-person men's team. Rounding off the top three was Alex Jinks, a solo Ironman, with a time of 1:53:00. Fourth place (and first for Ironmen 50+), with a time of 1:55:29, was Hugh Pritchard. The first place Ironwoman was Ida Sargent, with a time of 2:00:20 - good for 5th overall! Of the four and five-person mixed teams, Lost and Found took the win, with a time of 2:02:28. 

Full results are available HERE. First page has the overall results, then scroll through for the breakdown by class and for each leg. A huge thank you to all of our volunteers and everyone who came out to race, and a special shoutout to Keith Woodward - race organizer, course designer, and 2nd place Ironman 50+ (2:07:23)!