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Nicholas Augsberger and Josh Gould sprinting to the finish

Results: TNR #7

Last Updated: 10.Jul.2018

Over 50 racers toed the line this evening at Hosmer Point for the seventh Tuesday Night Race of the season. In the 5k bike event, Cara Murphy was the first female finisher while David Moody was first for the men. In the 10k bike race, Megan Jolly was the first woman across the line while Trey Jones won the men's race. Anna Schulz won the women's running race while Nils Koons was first across the line for the men.

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Next week's race will be at the Outdoor Center with the runners competing on Course A (white and red signs) and bikers contesting Course B (yellow and blue/purple signs). Check the full summer schedule here. See you there!