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USRowing East Coast Fall Speed Order Results

Last Updated: 05.Nov.2018

GRP Scullers traveled to Princeton, New Jersey this weekend for their final race of the fall (head racing) season. Hosted by USRowing, the aptly named "Fall Speed Order" or FSO is structured to have athletes first test their power and fitness by performing a 6 kilometer erg test on Saturday; and, second, to test their speed and boat-moving skills on the water by racing Lake Carnegie's 4.25 kilometer race course on Sunday. Sunday's starting order for the head race was determined by Saturday's finish order on the ergos. An additional carrot was added for the men, as the top 16 cumulative performances on both the erg and water received invitations to row in four quads Sunday afternoon with other top-finishers.

But, what does performing well at FSO actually mean for GRP athletes? There are neither medals awarded, nor prizes won. Fall Head Racing, doesn't really "mean" anything in terms of selection for the National Team. What does happen, though, is that elite scullers living on the East Coast (many of whom are either currently on the National Team, or have been on the National team in the past) get another opportunity to race each other. It's a fun way to gauge progress both on the erg and the water before the winter months creep in and the mercury lowers, rendering Great Hosmer Pond more ski than row friendly.

The GRP saw favorable results on both the erg and water. Forbes took the top erg on Saturday and 9th on Sunday, with Spaulding and Fili posting the 4th/6th and 7th/1st on the erg and water respectively. McIlvane tied for 2nd on her erg and took 3rd on Sunday. Ezra, Wes, and Lucas placed 21st/1st, 9th/9th, and 19th/10th on the erg and water respectively. Carlson, Vear, and Bellows all earned invitations to stay and do pieces in quads on Sunday afternoon. This weekend marks the end of Ezra Carlson's visit with the GRP and, the beginning of former GRP U23 summer athlete Mickey Fili's term as a GRP Senior Team athlete. Congratulations to both Mickey and Ezra for their wins in Sunday's time trial. Good luck to Ezra as he begins his winter season back in Seattle, and a very warm welcome back to our new GRP teammate!


Saturday's 6k Erg Results

Jen Forbes- 1st, open women (21:24.8), 23.3 second PR

Alex Spaulding- 4th, open women (21:48.3), 9.5 second PR

Mickey Fili- 7th, open women (21:56.1)

Jenny McIlvane- tied for 2nd, lightweight women (23:20.5), 12.5 second PR

Wes Vear- 9th, open men (19:22.2)

Lucas Bellows- 19th, open men (19:41.2)

Ezra Carlson- 21st, open men (19:47.2)


Sunday's 4.25k Time Trial Head Race Results

Mickey Fili- 1st, open women (17:27.9)

Alex Spaulding- 6th, open women (17:47.9)

Jen Forbes- 9th, open women (17:57.0)

Jenny McIlvane- 3rd, lightweight women (18:11.1)

Ezra Carlson- 1st, open men (15:39.5)

Wes Vear- 9th, open men (16:01.3)

Lucas Bellows- 10th, open men (16:02.8)


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