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Pre-Pan American Games Regatta, Day 3

Last Updated: 01.Dec.2018

On Friday November 30, three GRP/USA crews advanced to the A finals. First, the USA Men's 4x (a combination of the Lightweight Mens 2x, Openweight Men's Double and Openweight Men's 1x) raced conservatively in their heat down the course to finish fourth. Stroke to bow is Vear (M2x), Bellows (M1x), Hurley (LM2x), and McCullough (LM2x). The Men's 2x raced soon after at 11:10 AM and placed third (7:00.86), advancing them to Saturday's A final. Forbes secured her spot in Sunday's A Final after a win and fastest time between both semifinals (8:14.88).

Later in the afternoon, the M4x took second in their repechage, advancing the boat into the A Final.

Saturday morning Bellows (M1x) will race in the B Final, while Lado/Vear (M2x) will race in the A Final.

Row2k is posting a full list of results here 


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