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TNR Updates: Skiathlon and Prevot Trails

Last Updated: 18.Jan.2019

A couple important updates on this winter’s Tuesday Night Race series!

This coming week will be a skiathlon. The race will begin with a classic leg, after which skiers will re-enter the stadium to swap skis and poles for a skate leg. Courses are TBD and weather-dependent, but expect in the vicinity of 3-4k per leg, for a total of 6-8k. 

We will set up a ski exchange zone with v-board where you can leave your skate gear to make the swap. Most skate boots should be fine to use for the whole race, but if you’re interested in using combi boots and don’t have them, you can rent them from the Touring Center for $5 ($4 for members). 

Time to practice swapping your skis and poles quickly – see you on Tuesday for the skiathlon!

Next, we are excited to announce that on March 5th, Tuesday Night Racing will be traveling to East Hardwick to change up the scenery and give racers the opportunity to check out the Prevot family’s private trails. The race will be a paired interval start freestyle 10k – details to come! 

Thanks for joining us each week, and please remember to pre-register for the series! 

Full series info here