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2019 01 25 EVChargerstation3

Our AC parking lot charging station.

2019 01 25 PlugShareEV2

Charge station location, as shown on the Plugshare site.

Updated Electric Car Charging options at COC

Last Updated: 30.Jan.2019

We have recently updated our electric car charging facilities at the COC to include a wired-in Clipper Creek Level 2 charging station with an SAE J1772 connector - the most common connector for non-Tesla electric cars. This means that we can now offer level 2 charging without requiring EV owners to bring their own charging cable.

Look for the three new signs designating EV parking only in the charging area. In addition to the new charger, we still offer 240v and 120v outlets for charging with your own charging cables. We ask that only one level 2 charger be plugged in at a time (in addition to our charger), to avoid tripping the breaker. If you have an issue with the availability of an outlet, we have additional 240v outlets available upon request at the front office.  

Wait - I can charge my car at COC!? What does it cost?
The COC offers free electric vehicle charging to guests, day visitors and staff. Donations are welcome. Our three reserved EV parking spaces are first-come, first-served and they can fill quickly. We ask that vehicle owners please unplug and move cars when done charging. Electric-only vehicles should always be given priority over plug-in hybrids if spots are limited.