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Adam Martin out in front during Sunday's Craftsbury Marathon (Photo John Lazenby)


Liz Guiney and Kaitlynn Miller skiing together in the Crafsbury Marathon (Photo John Lazenby)


Ollie Burruss gliding well in the Marathon while GRP coach Pepa looks on (Photo John Lazenby)

Sargent 10th at Norwegian Nationals; GRP Skiers Win Craftsbury Marathon

Last Updated: 04.Feb.2019

It may have been an off weekend for both the cross country World Cup and the domestic SuperTour circuit, but Green Racing Project skiers still found themselves a few start lines this weekend. Ida Sargent was in Meraaker, Norway, competing in Norwegian National Championships, which usually occur mid-season. Back at home, three GRP skiers raced in the 33k freestyle race at the Craftsbury Marathon.

Norwegian National Championships

Sargent toed the line for a freestyle sprint on Thursday, February 1 in Meraaker, Norway. In the qualifier, she placed 11th. She advanced to the semifinal round, where she placed 5th, and moved up to 10th overall on the day. The field at Norwegian Nationals included almost their entire World Cup team. Maiken Caspersen Falla won the qualifier, and Lotta Weng was victorious in the heats. Sargent returns to World Cup action on February 9th in Lahti, Finland. Results from Norwegian Nationals are available on FIS-ski.com.

Craftsbury Marathon

In Craftsbury, several GRP skiers had the opportunity to join in on the marathon madness! While no GRP skiers participated in Saturday's classic marathon, GRP wax tech Nick Brown did race the 33k classic and placed 6th, and first in his age group. The following day, Adam Martin won the 33k freestyle marathon for men in a time of 1:30.30. Another GRP wax tech, former GRP skier, and organizer of the marathon, Ollie Burruss, placed 2nd, and Nick Brown, in his second 33k of the weekend, took 14th. On the women's side, Kaitlynn Miller took the victory with a time of 1:48.15.5, with Liz Guiney 0.3 seconds back in 2nd. The GRP skiers will be back in action on February 15-17 at the SuperTour in Minneapolis. Marathon results are available on Bullitt Timing.