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Syd EHS qualifier

Sydney Kulis (Dave Priganc photo).

Tzevi EHS qualifier

Tzevi Schwartz (Dave Priganc photo).

Maggie EHS qualifier

Maggie McGee (Dave Priganc photo).

owen EHS qualifier

Owen Jones (Dave Priganc photo).

CNSC Juniors Secure Spots for EHS and U16 Championships

Last Updated: 11.Feb.2019

Last Saturday, hundreds of Vermont high schoolers braved cold and wind for the Eastern High School/U16 Championship Qualifier. The competition was originally slated for Rikert Nordic Center in Ripton, but a late afternoon technical difficulty forced a last-minute change to Sleepy Hollow in Huntington. This is a high stakes day of racing, with berths on the Vermont U16 Championship and Eastern High School Championship teams on the line. To test a skier’s versatility and endurance, there is a classic 3k in the morning and a skate 3k in the afternoon. U16s will be at the Bethel Village Trails in Bethel, Maine March 8-10, while Eastern High Schools will be in Fort Kent, Maine from March 15-17. 20 U16s are named to the U16 Championships and 24 high schoolers are named to the EHS teams. As of Sunday afternoon, the following CNSC athletes had been named to at least one VT Elite Team: Finn Sweet, Griffin Wright, Greyson Davis, Aiden Casey, Makail Tipton, Adrienne Remick, May Lamb, Quincy Massey-Bierman, Camille Bolduc, Maggie McGee, Linden Osborne, Weslie Carlson, Cormac Leahy, Orion Cenkl, Tzevi Schwartz, and Linden Stelma Leonard.

Due to the large number of CNSC racers and amount of racing that happened, below are the results in list form. Racers are listed by name followed by combined EHS and/or U16 ranking, then individual race results. 


Combined Eastern High School results, showing overall classic and skate finishes. 

Griffin Wright: 3rd combined EHS. 5th classic, 5th skate. 

Finn Sweet: 4th combined EHS. 3rd classic, 8th skate.

Greyson Davis: 11th combined EHS. 14th classic. 14th skate. 

Aiden Casey: 16th combined EHS. 16th classic, 29th skate. 

Makail Tipton: 22nd combined EHS. 31st classic, 24th skate. 

Elijah Smith: 29th combined EHS. 37th classic, 34th skate.

Liam McGee: 56th combined EHS. 71st classic, 75th skate. 


Combined U16 results, showing finishes in the U16 field.

Aiden Casey: 3rd combined U16. 3rd classic, 8th skate.

Orion Cenkl: 7th combined U16. 9th classic, 10th skate. 

Cormac Leahy: 8th combined U16. 17th classic, 14th skate.

Tzevi Schwartz: 10th combined U16. 12th classic, 12th skate. 

Linden Stelma-Leonard: 14th combined U16. 15th classic, 17th skate.


Owen Jones: 3rd U14 classic, 3rd U14 skate.



Combined Eastern High School results, showing overall classic and skate finishes. 

Adrienne Remick: 2nd combined EHS. 2nd classic, 4th skate.

Quincy Massey-Bierman: 4th combined EHS. 3rd classic, 7th skate.

Camille Bolduc: 5th combined EHS. 5th classic, 6th skate. 

May Lamb: 15th combined EHS. 17th classic, 17th skate.

Linden Osborne: 24th combined EHS. 26th classic, 28th skate.

Maggie McGee: 25th combined EHS. 29th classic, 26th skate.

Aine Fannon: 38th combined EHS. 36th classic, 42nd skate. 

Sydney Kulis: 54th overall EHS. 59th classic, 60th skate. 


Combined U16 results, showing finishes in the U16 field.

Quincy Massey-Bierman: 2nd combined U16. 2nd classic, 3rd skate

Camille Bolduc: 3rd combined U16. 3rd classic, 2nd skate

May Lamb: 6th combined U16. 6th classic, 6th skate.

Linden Osborne: 10th combined U16. 11th classic, 11th skate.

Maggie McGee: 11th combined U16. 12th classic, 10th skate.

Weslie Carlson: 21st combined U16. 21st classic, 21st skate.

Aine Fannon: 15th combined U16. 14th classic, 16th skate (summer training partner).

Aliza Wright: 28th combined U16. 24th classic, 31st skate (summer training partner). 


See full results here.