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Susan leading off in the relay (photo: Nordic Focus)


Clare racing the individual event (photo: Nordic Focus)

GRP Biathletes Race Through Frigid Temps in Canmore World Cup

Last Updated: 11.Feb.2019

This past weekend Clare Egan, Emily Dreissigacker, and Susan Dunklee made the trek back across the pond to compete in the Canmore World Cup. Jake Brown was also slated to race but sat out due to illness. They were greeted with freezing temperatures that stayed barely race legal for the first two events, but dipped below prior to the final sprint which had to be cancelled. 

In the short individual race, Clare had the top GRP performance of the day placing 43rd with 4 misses. She was closely followed by Estonian National Team member and GRP summer training partner, Johanna Talihaerm, in 44th with three misses. Emily placed 66th with only two misses in her final standing stage. 

In the following day’s relay, Susan, Clare, and Emily were joined by USBA teammate Joanne Reid. The team placed 8th with 2 penalties and 12 spares for their best finish since the Olympic relay in 2014. Susan scrambled for the team and cleaned her first stage with no spares. She tagged off to Clare. Emily anchored the team with strong shooting only using one standing spare. 

World Cup racing action continues in North American next weekend in Soldier Hollow. Keep your eyes peeled for a strong GRP contingency with Clare, Emily, Susan, Jake, and Alex Howe all slated to start.

For more information and full results visit biathlonworld.com.