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GRPers performing a relay tag

TNR #8 Update: Team Sprint

Last Updated: 18.Feb.2019

Team sprint coming to TNR! TNR #8 on 2/19 will follow the team sprint format (albeit with only one round), wherein teams of two will tackle a short sprint course for three laps per racer, completing a relay tag in between each lap. The technique is freestyle, and all teams will be starting together. Should be fun, fast, exciting, and a bit more complicated than our standard TNR! 

As such, we ask that if you know you'll be participating, please try to find a partner in advance of Tuesday, and email your team pairing to tnr@craftsbury.com. And as always, but perhaps even moreso for this week, please pre-register! We will still take day-of registrations and pairings on Tuesday, but advance reg/notice will streamline and simplify things substantially.

We will assist with pairing up individuals at day-of reg as well. Day-of reg/bib pick-up runs from 3:15-3:45 in the Activity Center, and we strongly encourage you to arrive on the earlier end of that if you have not pre-registered or will be looking for a partner day-of. If you know you will need to be paired with someone or know you may be arriving closer to 3:45, advance notice to tnr@craftsbury.com would be helpful! 

Rest assured, your TNR series points will not be affected by your partner's results - though it will take some finagling, we intend to calculate points based off the cumulative time from your three laps individually, and post separate results for the overall team sprint and individual standings. 

As always, any questions can be directed to tnr@craftsbury.com. See you on Tuesday!