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Results for Woodward's Winter Tri

Last Updated: 23.Feb.2019

What a spectacular February day! We couldn't have asked for better weather to spend an afternoon snowshoe running, fat tire biking, and cross country skiing all over our ski and singletrack trail networks. Congrats to all of our winter triathlon participants for conquering a challenging 17k of trail and to our snowshoe racers for running fast in soft snow. And here's to the man himself, Keith Woodward, for not only designing, packing, and marking all of the courses but for also competing in the event! 

Full results of the winter triathlon and snowshoe race are posted here. Keith Woodward took the win in the men's triathlon in a time of 1:27:58 while Maureen McAuliffe took the win in the women's triathlon in a time of 1:34:47. Married duo Darrel and Cheryl Lasell won their respective 4k snowshoe events. 

We enjoyed welcoming racers from near and far, and look forward to hosting the event again next year. Thanks to all for the help and the cheering!