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Hallie racing the single mixed relay


Emily competing in Open Euro Champs

GRP Biathletes Race at Open Euro Champs

Last Updated: 25.Feb.2019

This past weekend some of the GRP biathletes competed at Open European Championships in Minsk-Raubichi, Belarus. The championship event kicked off with an individual race. Emily Dreissigacker had the top US result placing 43rd. She was followed by Kelsey Dickinson in 63rd and Hallie Grossman in 68th. On the men’s side, Raleigh Goessling finished 85th. 

Next up was relay day. In the single mixed relay, Hallie was joined by USBA teammate Travis Cooper. Both team members raced one leg before being lapped. The team placed 22nd. In the mixed relay, Alex Howe and Emily were joined by USBA teammates Deedra Irwin and Max Durtschi. Emily was the second leg and she cleaned both shooting stages using only 2 spares. The team was lapped placing 15th with a total of 2 penalties and 14 spares.

In the sprint race, Alex placed 48th with two prone misses. Raleigh finished 83rd with 3 prone misses. For the women, Emily had a strong race finishing 10th with one standing miss. Hallie placed 54th with three standing misses and Kelsey finished 60th also with three misses. In the pursuit race, Alex moved up ten placed to finish 38th with only two misses. Emily moved up as well finishing 9th also with two misses. Hallie placed 51st and Kelsey was lapped.

Racing action continues March 1st with IBU Cup 7 in Otepaeae, Estonia. Also stayed tuned for the start of World Champs on March 7th in Oestersund, Sweden. 

For more information and results visit biathlonworld.com.