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Kelsey, Johanna, and Hallie (L to R) during a training day on the range in Otepaeae

GRP Biathletes Compete in Otepaeae IBU Cup

Last Updated: 04.Mar.2019

This past weekend GRP athletes Kelsey Dickinson, Hallie Grossman, Raleigh Goessling, and Johanna Talihaerm (summer training partner) raced the IBU Cup in Johanna’s home country of Estonia. The races took place in Otepaeae and the first event was a Super Sprint. In the qualifying round Johanna placed 7th with one prone miss. Kelsey also had a strong qualifier placing 9th with no misses. Hallie finished 58th. For the men, Raleigh placed 81st in the qualifying round. In the final, Johanna moved up to 4th while Kelsey was lapped placing 29th.

In the next day’s sprint, Kelsey had a solid race finishing 38th with one standing miss. She was followed by Johanna in 50th and Hallie in 55th. On the men’s side, Raleigh placed 69th.

Next up is World Champs which start March 7th. GRP biathletes Clare Egan, Emily Dreissigacker, Jake Brown, Susan Dunklee, and Alex Howe will be representing the US at this Championship event in Oestersund, Sweden so stay tuned!

For more information and full results visit biathlonworld.com.