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Greyson (Photo Dave Priganc)

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May (Photo Dave Priganc)

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Tzevi (Photo Dave Priganc)

Vermont Victory at EHSC

Last Updated: 19.Mar.2019

Last Friday through Sunday, several hundred of the best high school skiers from New England descended on the wilds of Northern Maine for Eastern High School Championships. This three-day racing extravaganza was held at the Fort Kent Outdoor Center and had four race: 5k skate, 7.5k mass start, Nordic Cross sprint, and a mixed relay. Seven CNSC juniors represented Team Vermont at this championship event, helping Vermont bring home the overall team trophy.

After exiting the bus from the long drive to Fort Kent, racers readied themselves for 5k individual start races. If you recall, Friday was a very warm, spring-like day, adding extra challenge to the event with soft snow, but this did not deter the Craftsbury crew from turning in podium worthy race results!


4. May Lamb

8. Maggie McGee


3. Jack Young

12. Greyson Davis

22. Aiden Casey

23. Tzevi Schwartz

26. Makail Tipton

On Saturday, racers were greeted with cooler temperatures, though there were still many t-shirts to be seen, for the 7.5k classic mass start races. The racers did Friday’s 5k loop, plus an additional 2.5k spur at the end.


13. May

19. Maggie


7. Greyson

11. jack

27. Aiden

38. Tzevi

50. Makail

In the afternoon, racers tested their agility and speed in the 1.1k Nordic Cross sprint event. This is a new addition to the Eastern High Schools calendar and it seems that competitors enjoy it. This race favors those that have honed their quickness and fearlessness, all essential qualities of a good Nordic racer! NENSA describes this event as having a “drop jump, banked turn, slalom gates, rollers, and the famous bicycle pump. Skiers went off in waves of 4 and competed head to head to make their way through the course with the fastest time while navigating the agility features.” 


17. Maggie

52. May



9. Greyson

10. Jack

25. Makail

44. Aiden

59. Tzevi

The series concluded with four-person mixed relay: two girls, two boys, two skaters, two classic skiers. Each skier went 3.3k.

1. Greyson (Emma Strack, Jed Kurts, Sage Freeman)

6. May (Jack Drew, Jack Christner, Liza Bell)

11. Tzevi (Brook Hodgeman, Lily Porth, Sarah Gallager)

16. Makail and Maggie (Natalie Jelley, Thomas Despres)

18. Aiden (Tim Cobb, Addy Harris, Geneva Cote)

19. Jack (Jax Lubkowitz, Sadie Holmes, Shams Ferver)

At the end of races, the Graham Taylor cup is awarded to the team that scored the most points during the weekend, and Team Vermont won this award! Weekend long individual successes are also recognized. In the individual boys’ rankings, Jack was 3rd, followed closely by Greyson in 4th

See results here.

Though the racing season is nearly over, these skiers (and anyone else who chooses!) can continue testing their Nordic Cross skills at Cochran’s ski area on April 8.