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TNR #12 and Series Results

Last Updated: 20.Mar.2019

Tuesday night's race concluded this season's winter TNR series with a blistering fast 10k freestyle mass start. Ollie Burruss took the win in 25:17, followed over a minute and a half later by Ethan Dreissigacker. Ben Taska followed up in third. Jenny McIlvane took the women's win in 32:46, followed by Heather Voisin in second and Trina Hosmer in third. Full results for TNR #12 here.

Following the conclusion of racing, a celebration was held in the Activity Center with food and awards for the series winners. Prizes were given out to the male and female participants with the highest total number of points, as well as to age group winners (overall winners were pulled out of their age group categories). In order to be eligible for prizes, participants had to have raced in at least six of the twelve races. Their top eight finishes counted towards the point totals, allowing them to drop their lowest-scoring races if they participated in more than eight. 

The racers with the highest point totals were COC-affiliated staff/athletes, which meant that the overall prize went to the next highest point total winner.

Overall Women's Winner: Trina Hosmer (highest point total: Jenny McIlvane)

Overall Men's Winner: Stephen Wright (highest point total: Ethan Dreissigacker)

Congratulations to Trina and Steve! The overall winners were given the choice between two prizes: a COC membership for next year, or an entry in next year's Craftsbury Marathon. Both chose Marathon entries, and we look forward to seeing them tear up the course next year! 

Age group winners were as follows: 

Women U16: Emily Linton

Women 20-29: Jenny McIlvane

Women 30-39: Alyssa Krebs

Women 50-59: Linda Ramsdell

Women 60-69: Lindy Sargent

Men U16: Leo Circosta

Men 16-19: Sy Keglor

Men 20-29: Ethan Dreissigacker 

Men 40-49: Eric Remick

Men 50-59: Troy Howell (Due to Stephen Wright winning the overall prize)

Men 60-69: Brendan Buckley

Men 70-79: John Brodhead

See the overall series results here!

Thank you to everyone who joined us for this season's Tuesday Night Racing, even those who joined us for just one race! And a huge thank you to Keith Woodward for all the fantastic grooming, the Prevots for hosting us at their trails one week, and all of the staff, athletes, and parents who helped each week. Join us over the summer for some running/mountain biking TNR, and see you next winter for more Tuesday night ski racing.