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2019 U23 Scullers

Last Updated: 16.May.2019

Craftsbury is pleased to welcome its 2019 U23 sculling class. A dozen athletes total, 8 prior attendees from either 2017 and 18, and 4 new athletes make up this summer's squad.

Peter Chatain,  Stanford University - 2018 Craftsbury U23
Samuel Gatsos,  Colgate University
Laura Hegemann,  Rutgers University - 2018 Craftsbury U23
Thomas Johnson,  Virginia Commonwealth University - 2018 Craftsbury U23
Grace Joyce,  University of Wisconsin - 2017 Craftsbury U23
Mackenzie King,  University of Virginia - 2018 Craftsbury U23
Jenny McIlvane,  Craftsbury Green Racing Project
Rhiannon Mulligan,  Wellesley College - 2018 Craftsbury U23
Nathan Phelps,  Princeton University
Elizabeth Ray,  Columbia University
Jack Reid,  Trinity College - 2018 Craftsbury U23
James Wright,  Stanford University

The GRP U23 Summer Program is designed to provide athletes a bridge from collegiate rowing to the US National Team, with a focus on small boat skill development. In the nearest term, the immediate goal is to put together small boats to compete at U23 World Championship Trials, July 7-10, 2019 in West Windsor, NJ.

The program offers coaching, equipment, room & board, and travel support. Rowers are eligible for, and may compete in, any of the following events: U23 World Trials; Senior Nationals; Senior Team World Trials; World Championships (U23 and Senior); and, Canadian Henley.

Participants offset the costs of the program by giving fourteen hours of work per week back to the Outdoor Center. Work projects support the Craftsbury Outdoor Center and its mission. Tasks vary from chopping wood, to coaching Community Rowing participants, to working in the garden, to designing energy systems and maps.

Welcome rowers!