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GRP Races at Canal de Lachine in Montreal

Last Updated: 30.May.2019

The GRP traveled to Canada last weekend for some good ole fashioned Quebecer racing. The 11th annual Lachine Regatta was held on the Canal de Lachine in Montreal. As this regatta was free of “US national ranking implications” the GRP decided to made the most of the trip by doubling up in two events each - everyone raced in both the 1x and the 4x.

The first race of the day was the 1x event. There were nearly 50 entries between the open men/women, masters men/women, and junior boys/girls. The racecourse was a 5k stretch in a shipping canal. Much to Wes’ demise, the start line was about 1k downstream from a set of shipping locks, which he desperately wanted to row through. But, even without the locks, the course certainly had its share of crazy obstacles. Over the course of 5k, the competitors had to navigate themselves through six bridges and around countless port/starboard buoys - some of which were located in the middle of the canal. The format was head race style with approximately ten second intervals between each competitor. This made for some pretty interesting racing as there was a lot of passing and lead changes taking place in a narrow canal.

It was a successful morning outing for everyone in the 1x as it was a total Cedar Leaf sweep in all events. The men took places 1-5 in the event with Lucas coming in first, followed by Kevin, Wes, Nate and Andy in that order. Alex and Bridget took first and second respectively in the women’s division, and Troy took home the W in the men’s masters 1x.

The group came in for a quick snack and reboot before they headed out in quads. Both 4xs raced in the open men’s division, but had slightly diverse lineups in that the women, Alex and Bridget raced in each of the quads, and Troy joined one as well.

The second race of the day turned into a GRP vs. GRP battle as the two boats were able to separate themselves from the rest of the field within the first two kilometers of the race. Eventually, the 4x with Lucas, Andy, Kevin and Bridget came out with the win over Troy, Nathan, Wes and Alex.

It was a great event in Montreal and the GRP is grateful for the great hospitality of the folks at Lachine Rowing Club. They are now back on Hosmer and look forward to training for Club Nationals and Trials III.