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James Cilwik and Cormac Leahy sprint to the finish

Results: Julbo TNR #2

Last Updated: 05.Jun.2019

This past week saw almost 50 racers toe the line in the second Tuesday Night Race of the season. In the 5k bike event, Jennifer Schoen was first across the line for the women while Orion Cenkl won the men's race. Hannah Dreissigacker was first in the women's 10k bike while Ollie Burruss took top honors in the men's race. In the running race, Anna Schulz took the win for the women and Ben Taska was first across the line for the men. In addition to the running race, Ben Taska also won the pre-registration cookie making him a double winner. 


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Next week's race will also be at the Center with the runners on Course A (yellow/blue signs) and bikers on Course B (white/red signs). You can pre-register here, and for more info and the full schedule click here.