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The PanAm crew heading south to compete.

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Last Updated: 05.Aug.2019

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GRP scullers will span three continents this month, as separate cohorts race the Pan American Games (Lima, PER); Royal Canadian Henley (Ontario, CAN); Senior World Championship Trials V (Mercer, NJ); and Senior World Rowing Championships (Linz, AUT).

The PanAm cohort: Forbes (Women’s 1x); Bellows (Men’s 1x); and Vear/Lado (Men’s 2x) guaranteed their spot for Lima during last year’s pre-qualification regatta in Rio de Janiero. The four athletes look forward to racing on the international stage; and, while - for rowers-  the Pan American Games is not a qualifier event for Tokyo (as it is for 22 of the 67 disciplines competing at the games), racing at the international stage is another opportunity to practice racing at the highest level.

Scullers departed for Lima Thursday, July 25, and arrived in the Pan American Games Village (located in Huacho) early Friday morning. Racing will take place at the Albufera Medio Mundo beginning August 6.

The Canley crew: consisting of both senior and under 23 scullers departed for St. Catharine's, Ontario early this week. Athletes look forward to racing in the whirlwind of racing that is Canadian Henley, all topped off with a 500-meter “dash for cash” in the mixed 8.

Senior Trials V athletes: Kevin Meador (2018 M1x) and James Wright (2019 U23 M1x),  will vie for one of the two remaining boat classes yet to be selected for this year’s for Senior World Championships, the men’s pair and men’s single sculls. Racing runs August 5-7 at Lake Mercer. Whomever wins Trials V will be named as the US representative for the men’s single in Linz, Austria August 25- September 1..

Pending results from Trials V, GRP past and present will have representation across three to four boat classes at this year’s World Champs. GRP Alums Andrew Reed (M4-), Ben Davison (M8+), and John Graves (M4x) earned the opportunity to row with Team USA this year, and hope to qualify their boats in the pre-Olympic years world championship regatta. Should a crew fail to qualify their boat at this year's world champs, there will be another opportunity at the “Last Chance Regatta” held in Lucerne, Switzerland.

Below, we have outlined the who/what/where/when of our GRP scullers racing over the course of the next few weeks. Note that some races will have the ability to Live Stream, and others will not. To keep tabs on how we are doing, check in with our social media pages as races draws near for up to date goings on.

And, as always: GO GREEN, GO USA!

Pan American Games, August 6-10, Albufera Medio Mundo (Huacho, Peru)
Who to watch (Full PanAmerican Games Roster)
W1x: Jenifer Forbes GRP
M1x: Lucas Bellows GRP
W2x: Julia Lonchar/Maggie Fellows GRP Alum
M2x: Nathan Lado/Wes Vear GRP
LM2x: Cooper Hurley/Jimmy McCullough
LW2x: Liz Euiler/Solveig Imsdahl
M2-: Logan Smith/James Garay
W4x: Julia Lonchar/Maggie Fellows/Keara Twist/Sydney Taylor
M4-: Paul Verni/Thaddeus Babbiec/Jonathan Zagroba/Veton Celaj
M8+: Logan Smith/James Garay/Paul Verni/Thaddeus Babbiec/Veton Celaj/Jason Read/Kyle Peabody/Coral Kasden

When to watch:
Tuesday, August 6
Heats: 9:10- 9:20 AM (M2x); 10:30- 10:50 AM  (M1x)
Repechage: 4:00- 4:10 PM (M2x); 4:50 PM (M1x)

Wednesday, August 7
Heats: 9:10-9:20 AM (W1x)
Semi Finals: 10:40-10:50 AM (M1x)
Repechage: 4:00-4:10 PM (W1x)

Thursday, August 8
A Final: 9:20 AM (M2x)

Friday, August 9
A Final : 10:20 AM (W1x)

Saturday, August 10
A Final: 10:00 AM (M1x)

How to Watch:
No live feed available, check this page for results.

137th Royal Canadian Henley, August 4-11, Martindale Pond, St. Catharines, Ontario
Who to watch:
Senior Women
Alex Spaulding (SrW1x, WC1x)
Taylor Goetzinger  (SrW1x, WC1x)
Bridget Schodorf  (SrW1x, WC1x)

Senior Men
Andy Raitto (SrM1x, MD1x, MC1x)

U23 Women
Mackenzie King (U23W2x, U23W1x)
Rhiannon Mulligan (U23W2x, U23W1x)
Liza Ray (WC1x)

U23 Men
Jack Reid (MC2-, MC1x)
Mark Couwenhoven (MC1x)
Nathan Phelps (MD1x, MC2-)

When to watch:
Thursday, August 8
Women’s Senior Single- Lady Henley Trophy
Men’s Senior Single - Jack Guest Memorial Trophy

Friday, August 9
Women’s Under 23 Double - Nancy Storrs Trophy

Saturday, August 10
Men’s Single Dash - Murphy Bros Trophy

Sunday, August 11
Men’s Championship Pair - William J. Cotter Trophy
Women’s Under 23 Single - Dr. James A. McMullen Memorial Trophy
Women’s Championship Single - Muir Challenge Cup
Men’s Championship Single - George F. Galt Memorial Trophy

How to watch:
Live stream is available for all semifinals and finals.

Senior Trials V (Men’s 1x and Men’s 2-), August 5-7, Lake Mercer, NJ
Who to watch:
Kevin Meador, Men’s 1x
James Wright, Men’s 1x

When to watch:
Monday, August 5
Heats: 6:00-6:40 PM

Tuesday, August 6
Repechage: 8:00-8:32 AM
Semifinal: 7:00

Wednesday, August 7
Final: 8:08 AM

How to watch:
No live feed available for this race. Check Regattacentral for results