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Taylor receives her Henley Gold

Canadian Henley Wrap-Up

Last Updated: 14.Aug.2019

The Men and Women of GRP just wrapped up a full week of racing at the 137th Royal Canadian Henley Regatta in St. Catharines, Ontario. Over the course of the six-day regatta, a combination of GRP boats locked into the stake boat 40 times in 10 different race categories. 

The week started with the Senior 1x categories. Taylor, Bridget and Alex represented the women of the GRP while Andy represented the mens side in the same category. Racing spanned over three days, with heats, semis and finals. All four Cedar Leaves made it through to their respective finals. Taylor went on to win her final and the Lady Henley Cup. Alex and Bridget took second and sixth respectively and Andy took third place in his final.

The next wave of events started mid-week (Tuesday & Wednesday) with the U23 Women’s 2x (Mackenzie & Rhiannon) and Senior Women’s 2x (Bridget & Charlotte). Both doubles made their way through their Heat-Semi-Final progression and placed top three in their events. The U23 2x dealt with some weather delays and had to race their Semi and their Final in the same day (along with heats for their U23 1x’s). Despite the full race day, they were able to both advance through their U23 1x heats, and pull a third place finish in their U23 2x Final! On the Senior 2x side, Bridget and Charlotte battled their way through the progression and took 2nd amongst some fast crews in their final!

The contingent of GRP Athletes racing nearly doubled as the weekend Champ Events got started. Saturday morning hosted heats for the Men’s Dash 1x (Andy & Nathan), Men’s Champ 2- (Jack & Nathan), Women’s Champ 1x (Taylor, Alex & Liza), Men’s Champ 1x (Andy & Jack), and the Semifinal for the U23 W1x (Rhiannon & Mackenzie). It was a successful morning as the M2-. all three Champ W1x’s, Andy and Rhiannon all advanced through to their respective finals.

Saturday afternoon included the much awaited Dash for Cash Mixed 8+.  The GRP put together a crew of four men and four women, coxed by Summer U23 Coach Grace Hollowell. On their maiden voyage, the crew executed an 8 minute warmup and went on to post the fastest 500m time (1:22.3) of the 15 crews in the event! The group had a lot of fun and went fast together. The Regatta awarded them with a medal stand photo as well as a large sum of money that the GRP was able to donate to the local Vermont Farm Fund.

Sunday was the last day of the regatta and was packed full with Finals. First to go were Jack and Nathan who took 3rd in their final of the Champ M2- - in a boat they had only been rowing for a handful of days. Next up was Rhiannon who also finished third in her final of the U23 W1x! 

Sunday afternoon hosted the finals for the (very green) Men's and Women’s Champ 1x events. GRP boats made up exactly half of the W1x Final, where Taylor went on to win her second Henley Gold of the week! Liza cruised on to a second place finish and Alex fought hard for fifth. Andy and Mark were the last of the GRP to race and represented well! Mark took a hard-earned second place and Andy battled a competitive field and finished 6th.

This regatta marked the end of Summer racing for most of the GRP and was the official end to our U23’s summer-stay at Craftsbury. They will head back to their respective college programs/clubs and the Senior group will look ahead to supporting Kevin at the upcoming World Championships and preparing for Fall Head Racing.