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Join us Sunday for Tour de Borderlands #6: Return of the Shredi

Last Updated: 07.Sep.2019

We are stoked to welcome riders from across the galaxy to Craftsbury this Sunday, as part of Bike the Borderlands. In addition to fun group rides, bike games, and even lunch (if you sign up soon), we're also hiding Star Wars figurines on the trails for a treasure hunt.

Find a figurine, bring it back to registration, and you'll win a prize. The cooler the figurine (in our opinion), the more valuable the prize from local sponsors like the Front Seat Coffee, the C Village, and Craftsbury General Stores and beyond. Don't bother with the Kessel Run, just sign up to join us this Sunday for a haul any bounty hunter would be proud of.

Lunch sign up closes tonight, Thursday, at 8pm. Day of race registration is available, though no dining hall lunch is available day of.

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