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Last Days! Fight Carbon Emissions, save cash

Last Updated: 26.Sep.2019

For the Climate Strike Week of September 20-27th, the Craftsbury Outdoor Center will be incentivizing fossil-fuel free transport.

For pay as you go classes...if you don’t drive, you don’t pay! COC will be offering free fitness classes for anyone who commutes to yoga, cross-fit, or community fitness by bike, on foot, or by another human-powered means. You also get the added benefits of fresh air, exercise, and a nice warmup and cool down for your class or practice. And you save money on both the class and gas!

For pre-paid programs (Community Rowing, Ski programming, etc):Anyone who bikes to practice will get their name put in a raffle for $100 off the next season of your program. That's right, for each time you bike or walk or run to practice, you can put your name in the bucket to get another chance to win.

Bigger action opportunities: Last of all...we know that while individual action is great, we need even more action at a larger scale. Here are some ways to push for political action on climate change:

  1. We would also like to encourage you all to attend the climate strike event that will be taking place on the Common from noon to 1:00pm on Friday September 20th. Bring your own poster, or come and make one at the poster-making event at the Sterling Dining Hall on Wednesday, September 18th at 4:00pm. There will be a bike brigade leaving the COC at 11:40am to bike to and from the strike. There is also a big strike event in Burlington.
  2. Contact your state legislators. Here is a searchable database with their emails.
  3. VPIRG has links to several petitions that you can add your name to