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GRP Scullers Race Head of the Kevin II

Last Updated: 23.Sep.2019

Six GRP rowers made a quick trip to Boston this past weekend to practice the Head of the Charles Race course. Riverside Boat Club, hosts an annual series of three practice races for athletes that want to practice their Head of the Charles course. The race is aptly named Head of the Kevin, after Kevin McDonnell the main organizer of the race event, which has been running for the last 20 years. Racers make their own bow numbers,  and the vibe the morning of the race, is always playful yet incredibly professional. With entry from elite women's singles (to include the silver Medalist from the 2016 Olympics, Gevvie Stone) to Boy's youth 8+s, the field was certainly varied. 

It's quite advantageous for our scullers to practice on the Head of the Charles race course, on which there are six turns. Three of our athletes are part of the US Lotman Challenge, so coming in the top four of the Lotman Challenge field would mean they get the opportunity to win money to help support their training goals.

Performance rankings are based on Head of the Charles Course record for the particular event each boat class is entered in. Mickey Fili took the 8th spot for HOK II and posted the best GRP percentage (98.4%, 18:58.8). Gevvie holds the course record of 18:40. Kevin Meador raced to a 13th place finish (97.2%, 17:44.7); Andy Raitto 29th (95.1%, 18:08.0) Jen Forbes placed 37th (94.1%, 19:50.0); Alex Spaulding 48th (92.6%, 20:10.0); and Nathan Lado 71st (90.0%, 19:10.3)

Scullers race this weekend at the Green Mountain Head race in Putney, VT - a race remembered mostly by its corn-field parking lot, egg rolls and cider donuts! This very Vermont regatta boasts the best podium prizes - maple syrup for 1st, a gallon of apple cider for 2nd, and a bag of apples for 3rd.

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