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Upon receiving the map, competitors have several minutes to study it and plan before heading it

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Men's long course podium: Chris Burnham, Adrian Owens, and Akeo Maifeld-Carucci

Fall Fest Orienteering Race Recap

Last Updated: 09.Oct.2019

On Sunday, 35 orienteering athletes took the trails and woods around the Outdoor Center for the second annual Fall Fest Orienteering race. First, a huge thank you to orienteering experts Ed Despard and Alex Jospe for making the trip north to make this event possible! In any orienteering race, athletes are given a map with controls (checkpoints) marked on it. The map does not have trails or trail names on it, only landscape and other geographic features. Controls are assessed points values based on their difficulty. The athlete with the quickest time and highest point value wins. 

In our orienteering race, there were two courses: short course with a one-hour time limit and long course with a two-hour time limit. In the men’s long course, Chris Burnham topped the podium, followed by Adrian Owens and Akeo Maifeld-Carucci. In the women’s long course, Caitlin Patterson was victorious, followed by Emily Dreissigacker and Elizabeth Guiney. 

In the men’s short course division, Kestral Owens was 1st, Lucas Daly was 2nd, and Cian O’Toole was 3rd. In the women’s division, Anya Carlson was 2nd, the trio of Marie Voisin, Anika Leahy, and Isabel Linton was 2nd, and Lucy O’Toole was 3rd

Congratulations to everyone for racing this tricky race that involves athletic prowess and brain power! See full results here.