Membership - More than just Nordic Skiing!

Annual Membership gives its holder:

Plus lots more member opportunities throughout the year. Memberships cost:

Kids Under 14 $25
Individual Student or Senior (65+) $50
Individual Adult $75
Family $150

Membership runs a full year from time of signup. We're moving to an online membership starting in fall of 2019 - go over here for that.

In addition to the value your membership brings you and your family, your money will be helping to support the mission of the non-profit Craftsbury Outdoor Center.

Programming and the Annual membership

Craftsbury Membership is a pre-requisite for participation in many of our ongoing programs. Want to join in the ski club and training? Is bike club your thing? Ready to make use of our new gym facility? Eager to get out on the water this summer? All these programs require membership. Get your membership, then go register for Open Gym, Ski Programming, Bike Program, and our Hosmer Community Rowing.

Residents and Trail Landowners

If you're a Craftsbury or Albany resident, you are eligible for a complimentary membership. Complete the resident membership form so we can keep in touch with you as well as get waiver acceptance. Annual and complimentary memberships offer slightly different benefits, read more.

Trail landowners receive annual memberships as one part of the package of benefits we offer by way of thanking you for your generosity. Drop us a line if you have questions about this package as well as any other questions.

We hope you'll join us!

Online membership