About Us and Our Mission

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The Craftsbury Outdoor Center began in 1976 when Russell Spring and his family purchased the Cutler Academy campus and began remaking the facilities into lodging for guests and athletes. A Nordic trail network was cut on the land, with sculling and running camps founded shortly after, providing year round training and athletic opportunities in a beautiful natural setting.

After over thirty years of growth and guidance under the Springs, the Center began a new chapter in its life in November 2008 when Dick Dreissigacker and Judy Geer purchased the Center. Dick and Judy promptly reformed the company as a non-profit organization with a new mission.

The mission of the Craftsbury Outdoor Center is:

  1. to support and promote participation and excellence in lifelong sports with a special focus on rowing, nordic skiing, biathlon and running;
  2. to use and teach sustainable practices; and
  3. to protect and manage the surrounding land, lake and trails.

While much of the programming will continue, everyone should watch for new opportunities made possible by the new organizational model and mission as well.

Sound exciting? Center memberships are available starting at $25 annually and afford holders a winter's worth of skiing, access to seasonal programming, rental discounts, eNewsletters with additional member opportunities, and more. Members can be certain that your money is working to preserve the Center experience you love, no matter how you choose to experience it. Click here to find out more about Center memberships.

Have your own ideas for the Center? Drop us a line at stay@craftsbury.com - we love to hear from the people who make Craftsbury such a special place.