Hosmer Watershed Group

The Hosmer Ponds Watershed Initiative is an informal group of Craftsbury and Albany residents who want to increase our appreciation and understanding of this special place through outings, workshops, and gatherings. The group began in 2007, supported by the Vermont Land Trust through a small grant from the Vermont Community Foundation. After four years, the Vermont Land Trust still works with the group in a support role, but the Outdoor Center has taken a more active role in organizing and funding events.

Past events have included nature walks, fly fishing lessons, wildlife talks, and of course the annual potluck/pizza party, a social gathering for everyone who lives near or just loves the Hosmer Ponds. We have collaborated with the Craftsbury Conservation Commission, the Craftsbury Historical Society, and the Fairbanks Museum. We are looking to diversify our slate of events in the future with fresh ideas and new partnerships, so that we can continue to educate the community in new and exciting ways.

Another staple of the Hosmer Ponds Watershed Initiative is its once-or-twice-annual newsletter, Notes from the Hosmer. The Center's own trailwork guru and groomer Eric Hanson gathers material for the newsletter, formats it, and prints it; the Outdoor Center is now covering printing costs for this project. The newsletter is sent to the mailboxes of several hundred Craftsbury and Albany residents, but you can read it in PDF form, too!

Summer 2014
Summer 2012
Summer 2011
Summer 2010

As of May 2011, the core advisory committee of the Hosmer Ponds Watershed Initiative included:

Judy Geer (Craftsbury Outdoor Center co-head)
Liz Chehayl
Judy Davis
Eric Hanson (Craftsbury Outdoor Center groomer)
Nancy Moran
Diane Morgan
Steve Wright
advisor: Tracy Zschau, Vermont Land Trust