Farmer Games

Saturday, October 5, 3:00pm start

The Craftsbury Outdoor Center is eager to host its first Fall Fest Farmer Games. The aim of the games is to bring together the athletic focus of the Center with the bountiful agricultural world that surrounds it through an eclectic mix of playful tests and feats. Teams can come in all shapes and sizes, but they must be comprised of four team members. The teams can be entirely from one farm or can be a mix of farmers and consumers (non-farmers). The events will take place on the soccer fields near the COC's Activity Center and will be ripe for spectating.

Pulling some inspiration from the NOFA Farmer Olympics, competitors will be ranked based on four individual events and one team relay. The individual events will test either a team member's strength, quickness, agility, or wisdom, while the team relay, the Ceres' Circuit (named after the Roman goddess for agriculture that adorns the top of our capitol building), will test all of those traits as a team.

The Craftsbury Outdoor Center is very thankful for the agricultural community that surrounds it and fuels it.  The Center could not be what it is without our local farms, and so we hope that these games will playfully bring us all together to appreciate it.  This year the winners of the event will eat for free at our Harvest Dinner.

Let the bounty of games begin!

Competition Info:

The event will begin with the four individual tests. Each team will choose one representative for each individual event, and no individual on a team can do more than one individual event. All members must participate in the final relay challenge.

Within each individual event, there will be both a main event and a bonus challenge. The winner of the main event will be awarded 5 points, second place 4 points, third place 3 points, fourth place 2 points, and all remaining participants will be awarded 1 point.  The bonus challenge will be worth 2 additional points to its winner.

The final relay will be worth 20 points for first place, 18 for second, 16 for third, 14, for fourth, and so on.

JUPITER'S JOB - Farmer Feat of Strength
Hay Bale Toss
Bonus: 10 Swings to Bury a Fence Post

MINERVA'S MIND GAME - Farmer Feat of Wisdom
Seed Identification
Bonus: CSA Portion Planning

MERCURY'S MINUTE TEST - Farmer Feat of Speed
Fence Netting Faceoff
Bonus: Mason Jar Butter Churn

DIANA'S DASH - Farmer Feat of Agility
Chicken Catching
Bonus: Egg Toss

CERES' CIRCUIT - Team Farmer Relay
Completed for time, the relay will have a series of sequential tasks that are either done as a team collaborative or in concert with each other.
Leg 1 - Large Hay Bale Roll
Leg 2 - Bucking Up Wood w/ Partner Saw + 2-person Wheel Barrow Obstacle Course
Leg 3 - Loading of Square Hay Bales
Leg 4 - 2-person Wheel Barrow Obstacle Course + Wood Splitting, Kindling Gathering
Leg 5 - Make Fire, Cook Egg + Water Buck Fill, Carry
Leg 6 - Tractor Pull
Leg 7 - Square Hay Bale Stack

Participants will not need to bring anything except themselves in order to compete in this event. 


1:00 - Day-of registration CLOSES
2:45 - Opening ceremony and explanation
3:00 - Jupiter's Job
3:20 - Minerva's Mind Game
3:40 - Mercury's Minute Test
4:00 - Diana's Dash
4:30 - Ceres' Circuits


Register by emailing your team name and members to

Teams are strongly encouraged to enter ahead of time, but registrations will still be accepted on the day of if received prior to 1pm.

Participants are strongly encouraged to sign up for the Harvest Dinner ahead of time as it will sell out. In the event that a participant pays for dinner and wins the Farmer Games, their meal will be comped retroactively.

The winning team will get at least 6 GRP members for a 4-hour work party at their homestead or farm!  Coach Whelpley will help with the coordination and planning of the work party.

Race Entry Fees:

Entry is free this inaugural year, and competitors are encouraged from both near and far. House guests are strongly encouraged to enter.  If individuals would like to participate but do not have a team, please email as early as possible to see if we can find you some teammates.

For those from away, lodging starts at $100/person/night, including all your meals. You can find more information about that below.

Any questions please contact

Other Weekend Activities and Lodging:

The Craftsbury Orienteering Race is just one of the activities at Craftsbury October 5 & 6 - come on up and make a weekend of it! Saturday morning take part in the Singletrack Shootout, a running/biking biathlon race that is open to novices and biathlon experts alike. On Saturday evening, the Center will host an autumn-themed Harvest Dinner in the Activity Center. The following day, the Center will hold a running Orienteering Race on ski trails and singletrack. On Sunday afternoon, there will be a Community Open House, where participants can try mountain biking or biathlon for free.

Lodging at the Center is available both Friday and Saturday nights starting at $100 per person per night double occupancy, and includes the race entry and all your meals. Stay both nights and your entries in all of the weekend's fun is included! Call 802-586-7767 to make your reservation.
We're going to post more information as the day draws closer, so stay tuned.