Road Scholar Schedule


Our clean, simple lodges and homey, all-you-can-eat meals (always with a vegetarian option available) will make you feel at home. Our community lounge, kitchen, fitness room, sauna and massage therapist are just a few of the amenities that will leave you feeling relaxed and comfortable. Most of our accommodations are dormitory style, however, you can upgrade to a private bath, suite or cabin if desired.


All registration for Craftsbury's Road Scholar programming occurs through Road Scholar itself. They can be reached online or through one of the methods listed here.

Road Scholar Winter 2017

2015 RS skiers

The Craftsbury Outdoor Center is one of the pre-eminent nordic ski centers in Vermont. The snow generally falls early and remains late because we sit high in the hills of Vermont's snow belt. In 2011, we added the capacity to augment our natural snow fall with man-made snow, smoothing some of the bumps and thaws in a New England winter. Whether you are a seasoned veteran or a first-time skier, our outstanding ski instructors teach the techniques to help you progress in your skiing. Explore over 105 kilometers of expertly groomed and tracked ski trails and an extensive snowshoe trail network - all right outside the door of your trailside lodging. In between your outdoor instruction and academic pursuits, gather with your fellow participants around the tables of our Vermont Fresh Network certified dining hall. The food is abundant, healthy and delicious, with lots of local produce forming the staples of your diet. You'll be well-fueled for all your adventures!

Northern Vermont: People, Places & Culture

8-13 Jan 2017
12-17 Feb 2017
12-17 Mar 2017
Join us for a chance to experience Northern Vermont! Learn about the hearty and creative individuals who call this beautiful, rural location home; sample world famous artisan cheeses, craft beer and maple syrup; and visit local artists, enjoy live music, and learn about conservation, localvore culture and environmental sustainability.

Yoga and Nordic Skiing

16-20 Jan 2017
26 Feb - 3 Mar 2017
5-10 Mar 2017
Yoga and Nordic Skiing: Enjoy sessions of Hatha Yoga to relax and stretch both body and mind. Whether you already have a regular yoga practice or are just interested in trying something new, you will find a welcoming and supportive atmosphere where participants at every level are encouraged to play, explore and honor their individuality.

Film & Short Stories

22-27 Jan 2017
Film & Short Stories: This exciting double program will introduce you to a variety of film and short stories. "Now and Then," an exploration of film genre, will include documentary, animation, short film and full length film. Discussion will follow most presentations. The stories, by contemporary authors, will range from the humorous to the contemplative. Discussion will focus on the relationships portrayed in the stories, exploring how characters relate to and interact with family, friends, and community.

New England Music and Country Dance

elderhostel.06Dance 1

29 Jan - 3 Feb 2017
5-10 Feb 2017
Learn the history of traditional country dance and song. Instructors offer old standbys as well as newer songs and dances from New England, the Canadian Maritimes, the British Isles and Scandinavia. Live music to accompany song and dance will be provided by guitar, banjo and fiddle - bolstered one evening each week with additional local musicians for a festive contra dance.