Community Fitness Classes at the Center

Looking for an energetic and fun workout group? Come to community fitness! It's a well-rounded class developed to improve balance, strength, and coordination through circuit style training. The workouts can accommodate people of all levels and are led by members of our Green Racing Project. Classes take place in the Activity Center and can be paid for with cash or the COC Punch Card available in the office.

Class size:  Usually 6-10 total, either gender, all ages.

Requirements: You must have the ability to move from sitting to standing comfortably.

Gear: Sneakers, t-shirt, lycra or snug gym shorts (please avoid baggy shorts which might be caught in rolling wheels) sweat band, towel and water bottle.

Format: 5-10 min warm-up, 30-40 min multi station circuit based on time so everyone moves to new stations at the same time. Each participant will monitor their own effort to have the most fun moving at their own speed. We will mix cardiovascular equipment with strength and flexibility activities. All the activities can be modified to suit the participants' abilities. 10-15 min cool down including stretching, yoga postures and relaxation poses.

Questions? Call 802-586-7767, or e-mail

Hope to see you at the gym!