Community Track Practice

Thursdays at 5:30pm at the People's Academy TrackThe 2019 season will begin May 2 and run through October. 

Carpooling – and bringing your friends! – is highly encouraged. A van leaves from the Outdoor Center at 5:00pm, sharp! 

Track workouts can be a fun and motivating way to begin an individual running routine, learn more about training, and boost aerobic capacity. From a fitness standpoint, incorporating workouts of varied speeds and efforts into an individual's weekly exercise program elicits much more substantial physical gains than running or walking 30 minutes at the same rate every day. Track workouts are a measurable way of achieving varied exertion, with the added benefits of learning one's own individual paces, increasing one's body awareness, and tracking one's progress over time.

This program is a community outlet for ALL to invest in personal wellness and to celebrate the simple joy of feeling strong in our bodies. Community Track Practice encourages walking and running alike, emphasizing not speed but rather the shared effort of getting out and moving. Tracks are the perfect communal venue for exercisers of all speeds to join in camaraderie and support each other throughout practice. The beautiful thing about a track is that no matter your speed or the distance you cover, you will always be surrounded by fellow group members; the fastest runner can cheer-on others as they run by, just as slower runners can offer encouragement in return.

The mission of the Craftsbury Running Program at the Craftsbury Outdoor Center is to support and foster a community of runners and walkers in the Northeast Kingdom. Our primary focus is to provide opportunities for people of all experience and abilities to get outside, be active, and engage in regular exercise in a communal group setting. Establishing a long-term, sustainable routine in any sport requires external support, knowledge, and resources. Craftsbury Running seeks to fill that role for the greater Craftsbury community. We are excited to have received an Amplify Grant from RiseVT for the 2019 season to help us towards this goal. With this grant, we are able to offer participation in track practice for free. So, come out and give track practice a try! Added incentive: If you attend 10 practices over the course of the season, you earn a Community Track t-shirt!