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What do camp fees cover?

Everything except how you get here. Lodging? Included. Three fabulous all-you-can-eat meals daily? Included. Coaching, video review, transportation, Endurathon day, camp swag, instruction, guided runs and workouts: all included.

What's a week of camp like?

Check out our Campifesto to get a sense and check out Camp by the Numbers.

What's the difference between the various camps?

Our camps share a lot in common: lots of individual attention, welcoming a broad range of abilities, camaraderie, lots of fun and amazing food. We do break camps out around themes and ages. Themes, because not everyone is equally excited about 10ks and road races or mountains and ultras. It's all running at some level, but it's helpful to narrow the scope of the camp by interest to help folks meet their specific goals and passions. Same thing with ages. We're all runners and have welcomed a broad range of ages at most of our camps. However, most folks find it more fun socially and athletically to be training and hanging out with age group peers to some degree.

Why does Craftsbury cost more than other High School camps?

Sure, we're biased, but nothing compares to Craftsbury Running Camps.

Adventure: Our camps are a high-quality training week and summer adventure camp all rolled up into one. Want to train hard, learn a lot, and also have time for a ridiculous amount of summer fun? We've got you covered. In addition to lots of running, activities include biking, hiking, swimming, paddling, biathlon relays, berry picking, s'mores crafting, and much, much more.

Individual attention: With a maximum of 25 campers per camp, every camper gets to know every camper, and well! By the second day, the stranger you met 24 hours ago is now your close pal and teammate for the week. Our 5:1 camper-coach ratio means every runner is not only receiving individual, one-on-one coaching every day, but also spending time with the coaches outside of the training setting. Coaches eat every meal with the campers and are known to fuel epic ping pong tournaments, card games, and lake excursions. It may sound cheesy, but you really do leave a week at Craftsbury with a running camp family. This small group dynamic is unique to Craftsbury, and it's what makes our running camps so special.

Building Lifelong Runners: Most importantly, Craftsbury Outdoor Center is dedicated to its mission of promoting life-long love of sport. At Craftsbury Running Camps, high school athletes not only learn the fundamentals of training but also ways to keep running fun and sustainable long-term. Athletes leave camp motivated with a positive, confident attitude toward running.

And, if you look closer at the numbers, our camps have no hidden costs. Our fee is all inclusive - lodging, all-you-can-eat-out-of-this-world-local-food, one on one coaching sessions, camp gear (swag), and workshops on sports nutrition, strength training, running form, yoga for runners, race strategies, and mental training. No need to pick and choose - it's all built in!

How much can I expect to run? And how fast?

Generally, adult campers can expect to run 30-70 miles during a weeklong camp (really build it around your goals). High school campers generally do 30-40 miles during XC camps, but all runs and mileage are flexible depending on experience (incoming freshman don't always run as far as the juniors!). Long weekend camps range from 15-35 miles over four days. And campers range from sub-5:30-6:00 min/mile up to more than 12:00 min/mile. Craftsbury is a big tent - you'll always find someone to run with!

Where will I stay during camp?

Your camp fee includes a shared dorm style accommodation in Cedar Lodge. The Center was originally a boys' school, built in the 50s. Cedar Lodge has been renovated, but these one time dorms still form the basic accommodations for our instructional programs.

What if I don't want to stay in a dorm?

No worries. Our lodging options range from the dorm style to open, modern private cabins, and everything in between. Talk with the Front Office (802-586-7767) to find out what's available and what fits your needs.

What's up with food? Is that an extra cost?

All our lodging pricing includes all you meals at our all-you-can-eat, Vermont Fresh Network Dining Hall. It sounds like hyperbole, but the number of athletes who visit us just for the dining hall experience alone is higher than you'll ever guess.

What's food like? I have allergies, will I be able to find anything to eat?

Sure thing! A hearty vegetarian option is offered at each meal. With advance notice, the kitchen can accommodate the following dietary needs: lactose intolerance, vegan, gluten free and Celiac disease. We cannot guarantee the complete absence of any food ingredient in our kitchen, but we will do our best to accommodate non-life threatening food allergies. Please notify the office any dietary needs and allergies prior to your arrival.

Do I need a car during my stay?

Nope. We'll ferry you everywhere you need to go.

What else is there to do in the area?

Lots to see, do and explore! Vermont has great options with general stores, swimming holes, artisans, farmer's markets, hiking, mountain biking, climbing, breweries, excellent restaurants, and quirky roadside attractions. We build a lot of this into camps, but are happy to help you discover more when you're feeling the need to explore.

I can't make any of these dates, but want to come run Craftsbury. What can I do?

In 2019 we're launching our Runcations:  3, 5, or 7 day custom experiences built around you and your groups' schedule and interests. We'll be rolling out more info about this soon, but in the mean time, drop us a line at