Camper Quotes

"I enjoyed the comfort level the coaches created."

"When I arrived at Craftsbury for the first time in 2008, I had experiences as a marathon runner; however, as a result of that camp and (two more in 09 and 10) I went from an athlete who ran marathons, to a marathon runner. The selfless expertise of Lynn Jennings, Greg Wenneborg, Eric Blake, Brett Ely, and Bill Fitzgerald continues to serve me in all of my training endeavors. Furthermore, the friends one makes at this camp can transcend the fellowship of runners. This camp continues to give back to me more than I could ever possibly put in (though I will try to do so going forward). Sign up NOW!"

"The coaches and staff at Craftsbury find new ways each year to exceed my expectations and help me improve my running skills. I also walk away with lifetime friends and memories!"

"Craftsbury running camp provides the perfect blend of casual running, serious training (hills, speedwork, etc,) informative lectures, and cross-training such as yoga, core work and drills. This is the place to come when you're ready to take your running to the next level. I know of no other place where a recreational runner can receive such a wealth of knowledge from Olympic-level coaches."

"Fabulous camp! Totally energized about running after this weekend!"

"The coaching is terrific and I enjoyed the challenge of running in a beautiful setting on different kinds of terrain."

"You've done a good job of creating a program that works for runners of different levels. You really do help us all test our limits. Thank you so much. This camp has made a HUGE difference to me - to my attitude above all."

"Fresh air, a beautiful setting, great fresh food, good running, nice people and good coaching: that is what I look forward to each summer."

"I felt fortunate to come here."

"A positive community."

"This program is an excellent way to kick off a fall marathon training program. Terrific coaches for all levels of runner."

"It was wonderful to be enveloped in the running culture at Craftsbury. This past summer was our second summer at Craftsbury and once again I returned home with a renewed excitement about the sport. It would be impossible not to be inspired. The other runners are so fun, the scenery is beautiful and the coaching staff is enthusiastic, experienced and they genuinely care about each runner's experience."

"Not only a great running experience, but you meet great people in an outstanding location."

"Craftsbury has enriched my life, not just my running. I love it. What a special place!"

"The Coaches were outstanding. The presentations were outstanding and I was impressed with the length of time spent on the video analysis. Even though I'm a veteran runner and well read on the sport, I gained valuable information."

"This is a challenging and confidence building week for a person to improve their individual training and it's pure pleasure to be amongst people of like minds."

"A beautiful, fun, and productive week running with new people and world class coaching. It was wonderful!"

"It was such a pleasure to spend the week with people who have a passion for running and a healthy lifestyle. Every day was exciting and always challenging and very rewarding. The entire camp staff was friendly and helpful. I love Craftsbury!"

"This was a wonderful week both physically and mentally."

"This is probably the most enjoyable camp I've been to. I have learned alot, met new people and feel satisfied with everything the program has done for me."

"I keep coming back to Craftsbury running camp because for me it's absolutely the perfect combination of training and fun in a wonderful setting, reminding me of the best parts of childhood - being able to do what you love while feeling guided and nurtured!! The skill, expertise and approachability of our coaches; the camaraderie of fellow campers; rigorous running on trails, hills, road and track and yet there's still time to enjoy the beauty of the lake and surrounding countryside; swimming, hiking, cycling, or just relaxing at water's edge; healthy and bountiful food; informative seminars about all aspects of running (from training principles and goal-setting, nutrition and injury-prevention): all these aspects of running camp (and more) combine to make the experience one I look forward to year after year."

"Yes, you can run anywhere, but there is nowhere like Craftsbury" - 18-year returning camper

"What a great group of upbeat runners along with our exceptional coaches catering to our individual needs and appreciating us for who we are. I leave Craftsbury bringing home fresh and motivating ideas which will last a lifetime. Each day is special. I enjoyed running camp immensely!" - 10-year returning camper

"Both Lynn and Jess are great coaches- passionate in their love for the sport, skilled at communicating, and able to relate to and accept runners of all abilities."

"Even with all the serious training I had so much fun! I really built my confidence up and feel ready for my marathon now. It surpassed all my expectations. I highly recommend it!"

"I leave running camp each year more fit than when I arrived and with a wonderful combined feeling of serenity and sharpness. I try to hold onto that combination for as many weeks afterward as possible and allow it to fuel my running and my life. Camp is great fun. It's invigorating, educational, and inspiring. And, not least, the food is great! It's wonderful to see, in the flesh, running friends and world class coaches whom I cherish throughout the year but see only in my thoughts. In their presence I smile and laugh and dig down and push just a little bit harder."

"Coaches - oh so knowledgeable, but never condescending."

"Its a great way to reconnect with my running"

"Couldn't have asked for a better group of coaches. I got something from every coach that will stick with me not only in my running career but in life."

"An honor to be coached by, and train with the coaches here."

"Needless to say, I thought it was a perfect week. We will return again - and again. Bravo! It is such a good mix - I think it is a perfect program."

"The coaches are a big reason why everyone comes back. Every coach interacted with me in a positive way about my running. The coaches are all approachable and the individual lectures were informative and helpful."

"Camp isn't just for kids. Grown-ups need space to breathe fresh air, someone to make great meals for them, to have the time to make new friends and to re-connect with old friends. Time to nap, time to play and time to learn. If you need to break out of your cage, your rut, your hectic life and be a kid again, Craftsbury is for you!"

"Craftsbury Running Camp changed my entire view of running. I came here my first year to learn more about the techniques of the sport, and left with lifelong friends, a commitment to enjoy my running to the fullest, and charged with a whole new toolkit for improving my running. I've come every year for four years now and am already registered for next year."

"In addition to the great friends and memories I've made at Craftsbury, my running has improved. I thought people were born going a particular speed and that was it. Not true. Something as natural and simple as running still has a great deal of form and technique. I was able to shave 40:00 off my marathon time over my first three summers at camp and oddly enough those faster marathons didn't feel any worse than the initial slower ones. Things just got smoothed out. And then there's the laughing and camaraderie. There's a lot of that at Craftsbury too."