What's Camp Like?

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Superb coaching, beautiful Vermont country roads, kilometers of well-maintained trails, and a great atmosphere for learning and having fun has made Craftsbury a sought-after running destination for more than 40 years. Whether you are training for a marathon, wanting to learn more about how to train, are a beginner runner, or simply want a fun, active vacation, Craftsbury has something for everyone. Here is a small taste of the experience of Craftsbury Running Camp.

Arriving at our office, a white 19th century farmhouse surrounded by over 400 private acres, you are greeted by views of the roughly 3000m lake and the mountains of the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont. Once checked in, you can get settled in your room or lakeside cottage before the camp begins. Gathering on Cedar Lodge's porch, introductions are made and then we are off for our first run together either on the trails or an easy jaunt along Lost Nation Road.

We generally have two running sessions per day, early morning and mid-afternoon. We start our days with an easy run and then enjoy breakfast on the veranda of the Center's classic dining hall. Mid-mornings are busy with circuit training, videotape analysis or a lecture on training principles, injury prevention and nutrition.

After lunch and some free time, afternoons include a hill workout, intervals, a fartlek or tempo run or a challenging trail run. Other electives such as swimming, yoga, strength training, bike rides keep us busy until the evening wine and cheese hour.

Each evening, a seminar, presentation or lecture is held in one of the classrooms. Personal presentations by coaches or speakers and information-packed training lectures are just a few of our offerings. After the scheduled evening activity, free time finds campers socializing, playing board games, watching movies and relaxing.

Various field trips during the week take us to Stowe for a run and a nearby village for tours as well as to a few classic nearby Vermont general stores. Mid-week we have our legendary Endure-a-thon Day. It's a day-long extravaganza of fun: biking, hiking (often Mount Pisgah or Mount Hor), running - following by a dip in Lake Willoughby and ending with a bike ride back to Craftsbury.

We end our week with the most beautiful run in Vermont: the Ridge Run. The last day of camp also includes one-on-one consultations with a coach. Each runner has the opportunity to discuss their own fitness, training and racing goals with the coach of their choice.

The hearty meals served between runs are perfect times for unwinding, exchanging stories, or following up with coaches. There is always time to sit and talk with our coaches about racing, training, or anything else during meals, social times and around the evening campfires. The daily schedule at camp is full but well-paced giving time to take breaks, enjoy yourself and get to know fellow runners. The enthusiasm and knowledge that our coaches bring to the Craftsbury experience will help you come away a better runner. Why not come join us?


A Sample Day of Running Camp 

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6:30 am Meet in Cedar Lounge, stretch, set off for the morning run. Perhaps 3-4 miles on trails or a 5 mile run up to and around Craftsbury Common followed by a 20min core session in the Fitness Center. 

8:00 am Breakfast

9:00 am Exercise Physiology classroom session

10:30 am Field trip to Craftsbury General Store or Willie's General Store in Greensboro

12:00 pm Lunch

1:00 - 3:00 pm Free time. Take paddle boards, kayaks or canoes out on Hosmer Pond, go for a swim, ride bikes on the trails, read a book or just relax. Recovery is what makes you faster!

3:00 pm Coached running instruction - easy warm up run, dynamic drills, hill workouts, intervals, tempo run, fartlek, stretching and cool down. As an example, it's Vermont, so you can be sure we will include a hill running clinic: a strong workout on our local favorite hills.  A jump in the lake afterward is the reward!

5:00 pm Cider, wine and cheese social hour

6:00 pm Dinner

7:00 pm Training Discussion: Building a Training Program

8:15 pm Fun and socializing in Cedar Lounge: Scrabble tournament, puzzles and games or s'mores around the camp fire.