Why Running Camp?

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What's running camp about? I know how to run, why should I bother with camp?

We've assembled this list of what we try to build into every day of camp, our core beliefs, our Campifesto if you will. Come to camp and you'll find:

We run hard, at as many paces and places as we have campers.

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Intervals, hill repeats, speedplay, tempo runs, and distance days - you'll get it all, in a setting you have to see to believe. We're nestled into a cradle of running opportunities:
    - 40k of singletrack and summer-accessible ski trail onsite for offroad running
    - 1500 miles of quiet, unpaved roads
    - tons of bigger mountain objectives in the Greens and Whites to explore a short drive away

Our setting is your canvas to craft adventures on. From careworn dirt roads, to barely traveled ancient throughways, quiet pastoral beauty to striking mountain trails, the NEK's a perfect backdrop for you to push yourself, find your groove, or simply enjoy training with friends new or old. We've been running in the NEK since 1976, let us show you around.

We run smarter.

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Every day includes instruction, workshops, discussions, presentations and tons of opportunities to stretch the muscle between your ears. Learn training principles, nutrition, mental training and so much more. Thru group sessions and one-on-one with coaches, you'll return home with deeper understanding, new tactics and tricks to bring new life to your passion for the sport.

We share uncommon common meals.

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Shared meals in Craftsbury's dining hall feed you so many ways. The ample meals will refuel you physically (all you can eat!) with fresh, healthy, organic ingredients from our farm neighbors. Your senses and curiosity engage as delightful old-favorites share plate space with new recipes to explore. Just as importantly you'll recharge your batteries trading stories and ideas with all the runners sharing the table. It sounds like hyperbole, but the number of athletes who visit us just for the dining hall experience alone is higher than you'll ever guess. After your visit, you'll understand.

We recover as hard as we run.

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Maybe it's just us, but we find we perform our best when we chase training with tons of time to relax and play, and have built our camps accordingly. Every day is liberally dosed with free time to nap, sit in the sun, enjoy the lake or lawn game shenanigans with friends, catch up on your reading - it's up to you. We include daily group activities as well, with apres-run cocktail hours before dinner for adult camps, yoga sessions, field trips to general stores, creemee runs, detours to artisans and agitators, stops at swimming holes, distillery diversions & byways to breweries for over 21s, campfires, s'mores - pretty much the best of what Vermont has to offer every summer! Happy runners are fast, healthy runners.

You're one of us.

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We love the trials of the solo runner, for sure. But at camp, that warm post-race glow you share with your competitors continues all week. We sweat together, try together, learn together, have successes and failures together. We can embrace running with folks you don't need to feel embarrassed about wearing compression wear in public with, who know what negative split means, and can really appreciate a nice mid-sole. Come to camp, connect with your running and the community for a whole week.