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Liz Lambert


Name: Liz Lambert

How many years have you been coming to Craftsbury?This summer will be my 4th year.

Camper Liz Lambert
Camper Liz Lambert

What are your training and racing goals for this year/season?
Training-wise I'm interested in finding a happy medium between a rigid training schedule and the train as you feel approach. As for my racing goals, I'm currently training for a spring marathon. I broke my 4-hour goal last year (thanks to Craftsbury) and now I'd love to close the gap between my current best time and that all elusive Boston marathon qualifying time of 3:40. I've also signed up for my first Ironman event this year. Just finishing that healthy and happy will suit me fine.

What is your favorite Craftsbury Camp activity? Why?
The whole week is a blast. I love the endurance day, the massages of course, and I love the early morning swims. The swims are great because the lake is absolutely gorgeous, quiet and pristine (sometimes there is mist rising off the water) and the folks out there are so fun. Great people and great surroundings.

What is your favorite Craftsbury memory or story?
I have lots of great memories and stories (but they can be kept quiet for a small fee...) No, one of my best memories is this. My first year at camp I attended a running camp week even though I had just signed up for my first triathlon (a half ironman) and didn't have a clue what I was doing. One of the campers from triathlon week was staying over, and he took it upon himself to teach me how to draft while swimming, how to work through transitions, and he even called the night before the race to give me a pep talk. As it turned out, he was racing the same event along with several others campers from Craftsbury, and they were there to congratulate me when I crossed the finish line. That's a perfect example of the type of support and camaraderie that you're likely to find at Craftsbury.