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Jess Cover


Coach Jess Cover

-How did you get into running?
I started running at a young age because my father said that if I trained for, entered and completed the local 10k I could chose anything under $50. I really wanted a pair of designer jeans so that started my running obsession.

-Do you train to race? Or race to train? i.e. what drives your running, the training and the day to day rhythm of it, or the competition?
I love it all: the people I get to spend time with while running, the act of running, the sick feeling I get in my stomach before race and the feeling of satisfaction I get when I am done.

I enjoy the freedom of running, the knowledge that I can get anywhere on my own two feet. I love destination running; running to or from work, to the store or to a party. Running completes me.

-What's your favorite distance?
I have a love/hate relationship with the marathon. The training is so long and takes so much time and focus. You never know what is going to happen to you during the race. There are so many things that can happen and many of them you cannot control. Learning how to over come the challenges of the marathon distance is an art in itself.

-Favorite surface: road, track, treadmill, trail?
Country dirt roads just like Craftsbury are my favorite. Hill? What hill?

-Do you do any cross training? What's your favorite non-running fitness activity?
I bike; both road and mountain although I am a wimp on the technical stuff. I snowshoe and nordic ski when I have time. I just took my first wind surfing lesson in Aruba and loved it!

-How'd you get into coaching?
A few years back I was volunteering my time with "First Strides", a running and walking group for women. I was finding that the best part of my week was the time I spent helping others attain their fitness goals.

-What's the most common mistake you see runners making in form, fitness planning, injury treatment or otherwise?
I think nutrition or lack there of is one of the most underutilized part of a training plan. It is often an afterthought. Everyone should be taking the time to plan out there meals each week making sure they are getting the proper nutrients to support their daily life and their training regime.

-Core Strength: important concept or trendy phase?
I think it is very important. Strength and balance can prevent so many injuries.

-Favorite bit of running gear or gadget?
My Fuelbelt...I am pretty low tech.

-Favorite race, run, loop or place to run?
Any run in the Richmond, VT area with 10 of my closest friends!

-Are you a datahead? Or more run by feel?
I run by feel. I wear a watch on long runs and runs with pace or intervals but otherwise I think I have a pretty good sense of pace and just enjoy getting outside without getting too wrapped up in how fast or slow I am going.

-Do you have any good running as venue for personal transformation stories?
There was a time in my life when I weighed in at 155lbs( I am only 5'4) and was unhappy with the direction I was headed. I had also been a fit person: hiking, biking, walking and running when I was younger and in high school. A friend of mine was heading out for a run and I decided to join her; I bought a pair of running shoes at the Skirack which is where I was working at the time and set out the door. I think I made it 15 minutes. It was hard but the feelings of joy I used to get from running came back to me. I stuck with it and in the process lost 40 lbs, and changed the direction of my life.

-Why coach at Craftsbury? What can Craftsbury offer a camper that they won't be able to get at home?
Craftsbury is a great combination of great information, good people, hard work and a lot of fun! It is a special breed of folks that go running and call it a "vacation". Those are the kind of people I want to hang out with. I really like getting to know all of the coaches and campers and helping others refine their goals.

-Longest you've ever run?
I took part in the Reach The Beach Relay which had me run 33 miles in 24 hours over 6 legs. It was like running 6 10k's in 24 hours, OUCH!

-Avg. weekly mileage (maybe give high and low)
50 to 80 miles a week depending on the time of year and what I am training for.

-Competitive goals, or other goals in running
Top ten at Vermont City Marathon
sub 40 minute 10K
sub 3:10 marathon
Continue running for the pure joy of it for the rest of my life!