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Welcome to the revived Craftsbury Running eNews! Each month, we'll feature special content related to running, whether its technique tips from a Craftsbury summer running coach, yoga poses especially for runners, upcoming local races and events, or nutrition topics.

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Upcoming Events

June 9 - Hill Farmstead Half Marathon

Save the date for the inaugural Hill Farmstead Half Marathon - the best things about the Northeast Kingdom coming together for a dirt road half. Details still to come, but a few things are for sure: there will be beer, there will be miles of country lanes, and it will be a great race to kick off the summer running season. Keep checking the Craftsbury website for more info soon!

May 29 - First Julbo Tuesday Night Race at Craftsbury

Looking for a low-key way to test your summer fitness? Starting on May 29th, our weekly trail series offers a 5k run and 5 or 10k bike race every Tuesday. As usual, registration opens at 5:15pm, the bike race starts at 5:45, and runners start at 6:00pm. We've enjoyed hosting so many bikers and runners over the years and can't wait to kick off this year's series. More information coming soon, check our website for full details when available!

June 24-30 - First Running Camp of the 2018 Season!

We're excited to kick off the 2018 running season under new running director Heidi Caldwell (see below). Our first camp of the summer is an All Comer's week from June 24-30. Other June camps include the High School XC Camp from June 24-30. The full camp schedule is available on our website, and sign-up is here.

Heidi Caldwell joins COC as new Running Coordinator

We are really excited to welcome Heidi Caldwell to the new position of Running Coordinator for the Outdoor Center. In this role, Heidi will organize and manage our Running Camps, and will also begin to develop running programming for the greater Craftsbury community. Heidi shares our enthusiasm about this expanded vision for running at the center, and brings lots of ideas, experience and energy to this opportunity!

"I'm excited to join the Craftsbury community in this new year-round position and to share the beauty of the Northeast Kingdom with more runners. I'm ready to get the running season started!" writes Caldwell.

Heidi was both a runner and Nordic skier growing up. It was in High School that she realized that running was her real passion. She went on to race cross-country and track at Brown University, where she was a two-time Ivy League champion on the track and multiple school record holder.

Read the full press release at and find more info about this summer's camps.

Summer Running Camp Registration Online

Don't miss your summer at Craftsbury! Our 2018 summer running camp schedule is on our website, and registration is open! It's never too early to sign-up, some of our camps fill up very fast.

Newcomers can expect an all-inclusive running getaway, complete with excellent instruction from our coaches, miles upon miles of country dirt roads, plentiful local food from our dining hall, and the possibility of creating lifelong friendships with fellow runners who share your goals and experiences.

Returnees, you've been here before, so you already know the formula that makes Craftsbury so much fun! Check out the 2018 summer schedule HERE, and then scoot over to the registration page HERE to reserve your spot.

Core Strength Workout

Improving core strength helps runners in several ways. A stronger core stabilizes a runner's body throughout the running stride; this can both reduce the risk of injury and improve running efficiency. Especially at the end of an event when form begins to deteriorate, a stronger core can slow this decline in running economy. 
Performing core exercises for 10-15 minutes twice a week will improve core strength, and these short workouts can be easily added to a training routine directly after any distance workout. 

The plank, a traditional core exercise, is good at training isometric core stabilization. 

Hold this position for 30 seconds up to 2 minutes if possible. For an extra challenge, try lifting each foot off the ground, one at a time, for 5-15 seconds.

Another variation of the plank, adds more stress to the hip flexors, which is a good stimulus for runners. To perform this variation, hold the pushup position (with arms extended) while bringing each knee, one at a time, to the opposing elbow.
This exercise is more challenging than the traditional plank, so try to perform it for 30 seconds up to 1 minute.

The back bridge is a good way to stress the posterior core.
For this exercise, focus on pushing the hips upward and squeezing the butt muscles.

For a more difficult exercise, lift one heel off the ground while holding the same position.

These exercises can be performed for 30 seconds up to 2 minutes. 

Finally, runners should also perform exercises for the stabilizing muscles on the sides of their core. In a side plank, focus on keeping both the hips and shoulders square and perpendicular to the ground.
Again, hold this for 30 seconds up to 2 minutes. Another challenging variation is to raise the upper leg and arm while holding the side plank.

This is more difficult, so start by holding this for 10 to 15 seconds and increase the duration as long as possible while still remaining stable. 

Together these exercises will develop a well balanced core, which will help you run faster, longer, and with fewer injuries. 

Stretch of the Month : Triangle Pose

Runners tend to have extremely tight hips and glutes. Triangle pose is a versatile stretch because it opens up those tight places via the twist, and at the same time stretches hamstrings and calves. As a bonus, triangle adds a nice shoulder opener as you open your upper arm to the ceiling.

To enter the pose, start with feet in warrior two position, but with straight legs, then reach forward and down with the front arm. You can rest your front hand on the front shin, the ground, or a block. Remember to breath!

That's all for now from the Center. As always, we welcome your news, suggestions or comments at and we'll do our best to spread the word in the next newsletter.

Happy trails,

Sheldon Miller
Craftsbury Outdoor Center
535 Lost Nation Rd
Craftsbury Common, VT 05827


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