Running Training Tips


Greg Wenneborg, Program Director


Craftsbury Running Camp has been teaching campers about the sport of distance running for almost 30 years. Principles taught at camp help keep you on the roads and injury free for many years. Although we did not invent them, we subscribe to them.

Periodization for Peak Performance - Just like our favorite sports heroes, we should make a plan for the off-season that gives us a little break from our sport and allows us to rest up for a new season. Although it is wise to maintain some base mileage during the off-season, there should be different phases in our training that don't include speed workouts or racing.

Hard/Easy - A training plan that includes easy runs, effort sessions, and a weekly or bi-weekly long run is necessary to achieve peak performance. Within this plan, try not to stack two effort sessions or a long run and an effort session back to back. Doing so would diminish one or both of the workouts and open the door for injury.

Cross Training Works - Although we sometimes tease about participating in sports other than running, the truth is that cross training helps improve cardiovascular fitness and reduces overuse injuries caused by running.

Increase Mileage or Intensity, not both - There are appropriate times in every season to increase your weekly mileage or add a speed workout. When training is going well, we sometimes feel the need to take a step up. If you are planning on ramping things up a bit, do it incrementally. Slowly increase your mileage over a period of three or four weeks and then level it off. After you have reached a goal weekly mileage, then add moderate speed workouts.

If the Fire is Hot Enough, Anything will Burn - John L. Parker wrote this in his novel, Once a Runner. You don't need to beat yourself up for eating that sleeve of Oreos if your running efforts are honest and consistent. Enjoy this principle, but don't think that it is your license to enter every pie eating contest west of the Mississippi.

Respect other Runners - One of the beautiful things about our sport is that anyone can strap on a pair of running shoes and improve their life. Remember this when questioning the ability or work ethic of other runners.