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Every Road Craftsbury: August 2019

In the month of August, challenge yourself to travel every road in Craftsbury by foot – running or walking! Any person who completes all 70.5 miles of passable town road earns a special prize (to be revealed) and all participants earn entries into a raffle­ with prizes from local partnering businesses. Earn ra­ffle entries for everything from every new mile completed to posting selfies with every road sign. Let the goal of running #everyroad be your guide to experiencing, celebrating, and discovering our Craftsbury stomping grounds in a new way.

How to participate

  • Email running@craftsbury.com to declare yourself an ERC participant! Please let us know if you will be submitting GPS or not. 
  • Download the official ERC maps to view passable town roads included in the challenge and to record dates you run each road.
  • Take to the roads of the Craftsbury! Be sure to track you progress. 
  • Download the free Strava app to easily track your August runs and every mile of new town road run.
  • Using Strava? Join the ‘Run Craftsbury’ Strava club to see how other participants are tackling the challenge!
  • Not using Strava? Record your August runs with a GPS device to track your Craftsbury miles and ERC progress. 
  • Don’t want to use Strava or GPS? We highly encourage you to use some sort of GPS for ease of tracking, but will also accept hand-recorded challenge submissions on honor system. 
  • Upload your Strava runs or GPX files for every ERC challenge run in August to our ERC Dropbox. Upload your files to this Drobox Link. Instructions for downloading GPX from Strava here. Files will be accepted until midnight on Sept, 7, 2019. And we at Craftsbury are the only people with access to the files, so your anonymity is assured.
  • All hand-recorded submissions & GPX files are due for review by September 7th. 

How to earn raffle entries

  • Each new mile of town road run in August = 1 entry
  • Each new mile of town road run with a fellow ERC participant = 1.5x entries
  • Join Strava club 'Run Craftsbury' to track your runs = 10 bonus entries
  • Buy X amount in dollars from one of our local partners during or immediately post-ERC run = X number of bonus entries (*receipts needed as proof!)
  • Track something you find intriguing throughout the ERC challenge (e.g. total number of road signs, turtles, or passing cars seen on runs) = 10 bonus entries (1 intriguing thing per participant!)
  • Photo taken on a run with new road sign & posted to social media with hashtag #everyroadcraftsbury OR emailed to us for use in ERC promotion = 5 bonus entries (up to 5 will be awarded raffle entries, but more always welcome!)
  • Photo take on a run and posted to social media with a shout-out & tag of one of our local partners = 5 bonus entries (up to 5 will be awarded raffle entries, but more always welcome!)
  • Complete the ERC challenge = 100 bonus entries
  • Complete the ERC challenge in the fewest miles / least road overlap of all participants = 50 bonus entries
  • Complete the ERC challenge in the fewest number of runs of all participants = 50 bonus entries

 Local business partners

Official ERC Craftsbury Map

Notes - Easy St and Gateway Dr were on the original map, these are private roads and should not be counted. Demerritt Rd, off of Hatch Brook Rd, was originally mislabeled as Dennet Rd. Brietmeyer Dr was originally indicated as a private road, this in fact is not a private road, and you may earn a bonus for completing it, as it was not part of the original map. 

ERC recording aug28 01

Black and White Recording Map PDF Download

QR Code to Download GeoReferenced Map in Avenza

Link to download the GeoRerenced file directly

(Download the file to your phone. Open Avenza, select the "+" in the upper right to add a map. Import "From Storage Locations". With the free version of the app, you will be limited to three maps at a time. Open the map. Your location will update without cell service. To record GPS tracks, select the ellipsis in the lower right with the map open, and select "Record GPS Tracks", you will see your route drawn on the map in real time. Upon stopping tracking, it will save to the map, and you can export the GPS track, and choose whether to leave it drawn on your map). 

This is purely for experimentation, some bonus points may be provided, but this is not an official tracking method for 2019. You may however use this as a way to collect GPS tracks to then upload in the above procedures.