10K MTB Series Results

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Points will be tallied over the course of the season, at which point age/gender group winners will be named.

Scoring and age group details.

Trail 10K MTB Series #12, Course A - August 23, 2016

Name Hometown M/F Age Time Points
Nils KoonsSidney MEM2700:37:32.90105.10105.10
Matthew MoodyCabot VTM4800:37:51.80104.301185.04
Xavier Koontz MillerCraftsbury VTM1900:40:36.4097.37726.29
Phil LawsonBurke VTM5100:40:43.6097.07188.22
Ron BeliveauGreensboro VTM5900:41:10.6095.9395.93
Chris JollyElmore VTM3500:43:47.9089.30261.48
Eric RemickHardwick VTM4500:44:07.7088.47180.85
Jesse DunnJeffersonville VTM3700:47:08.3080.86167.41
Hannah DreissigackerSydney MEF2900:48:17.40100.00100.00
Megan JollyElmore VTF3500:57:35.4080.74438.85
Tom VilesDanville VTM5501:01:29.0044.6144.61

Series Points after Trail 10K MTB Series #12, Course A - August 23, 2016

Note: Total includes only top 9 points. # Races is the number of races included in total points, maximum of 9.

Name Hometown M/F Age # Races Series
to Date
Matthew MoodyCabot VTM489899.50
Oliver BurrussCraftsbury VTM307730.02
Xavier Koontz MillerCraftsbury VTM198726.29
Ben LustgartenCraftsbury Common VTM245525.51
Megan JollyElmore VTF355438.85
Tom StrasserWaterbury Center VTM563279.81
Chris JollyElmore VTM353261.48
Avery EllisMontgomery VTF172209.97
Emmett AveryHardwick VTM172201.67
Evan WeinmanSteamboat COM202196.66
Phil LawsonBurke VTM512188.22
Gavin HessCraftsbury Common VTM202184.56
Eric RemickHardwick VTM452180.85
Jesse DunnJeffersonville VTM372167.41
Scott GrahamCraftsbury VTM232146.24
Travis VoyerJericho VTM381106.61
Sheldon MillerCraftsbury VTM421105.25
Nils KoonsSidney MEM271105.10
Kara DunnJeffersonville VTF361101.21
Hannah DreissigackerSydney MEF291100.00
Susan DunkleeCraftsbury VTF301100.00
Callie YoungJay VTF161100.00
Thorin MarkisonCalais VTM32198.40
Ron BeliveauGreensboro VTM59195.93
William HaigAnn Harbor MIM17193.67
Finn SweetWaterbury Center VTM14192.01
Nicholas LeveilleQuebec M13189.03
Colin BoydWest Glover VTM33188.60
Don EllisMontgomery VTM49187.66
Claire EllisMontgomery VTF15187.08
Jon HammondWaterbury VTM43185.92
Adam HowardCambridge VTM42185.75
Jack YoungJay VTM13184.86
Chris YoungJay VTM46182.30
Alex HoweCraftsbury Common VTM26180.41
Lary MartellGeorgia VTM59179.74
Benjamin KidderMontpelier VTM25177.49
Maria YoungWest Glover VTF36175.11
Pat LawlorGlover VTM19168.53
Tom VilesDanville VTM55144.61

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