Camp Schedule

Skiing for Runners

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January 24 – January 27, 2019/ 4 Days - $694

Are you a running enthusiast looking for an outdoor cross training option in the cold, snowy months? Are you curious about cross-country skiing but haven’t had the opportunity to learn? Look no further! With over 100k of groomed trails and miles of quiet snowy dirt roads, Craftsbury has endless skiing and running opportunities right out the door. The weekend will include daily runs, ski clinics, and plenty of time to adventure out onto Craftsbury’s extensive trail network. Come learn to ski, run on snowy roads, explore the lakes and woods on snowshoes, and enjoy hearty, delicious meals in the newly renovated dining hall. Join us for a winter weekend getaway in the NEK!




Past camps - 2018:

High School XC Camp


June 24 - June 30, 2018/ 7 days - $850 per athlete, team rate save 10% (4 or more runners from the same team)
July 1 - July 7, 2018/ 7 days - $850 per athlete, team rate save 10% (4 or more runners from the same team)
July 28 - August 5, 2018/ 9 days - $975 per athlete, team rate save 10% (4 or more runners from the same team)

This camp offers instruction for teens of all abilities. Athletes become well versed in dynamic drills, warm-up and post-run routines, intervals, hills, fartlek and tempo workouts, and an endurance run, the beautiful 10-mile Ridge Run. Athletes will also learn core and strength routines and practice yoga. Classroom presentations on nutrition for runners, training principles, and physiology, as well as a training plan workshop, and discussion of race strategy and video analysis will complement the training sessions. High school runners will enjoy cross-training and extracurriculars during this fun, highly motivational, and exciting week of camp. It’s sure to inspire you to jump-start your summer base-training for a successful cross country season. Athletes range from beginner to national level and everywhere in between and you will always have training partners for every workout.    

Athletes are welcome to attend on their own or with teammates (take 10% off if you can get 3 of your teammates to attend!) These cross-country weeks fill up fast, sign up today! 

Masters Week

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July 15 - July 21, 2018/ 7 Days - $1,135 

Come have great fun with the over-40 tribe while learning how to train progressively or simply rejuvenate your love of running. Sign up early - this one always fills! 


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July 22 - 28, 2018/ 7 days - $1,135

Runners of all ages will groove on this energetic week! Last year we spanned the generations from spirited early 20 year-olds to evergreen 60 year-olds and everyone enjoyed every minute of it. Register here

Trail Running Camp

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September 2-8, 2018/ 7 Days - $1,135 

Keep the summer stoke rolling into September at trail running camp! This 7-day camp gets athletes into the mountains and winding singletrack of Northern Vermont.

Instruction focuses on trail-specific workouts and presentations on hydration, fueling, prep and recovery for ultras and trail runs.

In addition to the coaching, runners' days are filled with adventure runs, muddy legs, and locally sourced meals, with some well deserved R&R in between. Come explore the untamed trails of the Northeast Kingdom.  Register here.

Taking your first steps into the mountains? Prepping for your next ultra race? Athletes at all levels of experience are welcome.

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Foliage Weekends (4 Day) - SPECIAL DISCOUNT!

September 20 - 23, 2018/ 4 Days - $694
October 4 - 7, 2018/ 4 Days - $694

Fall in New England. Quiet dirt roads. Amazing scenery and brilliant Vermont leaves. Excellent coaching and instruction. No bugs. Vermont Fresh Network food. What more do you need for a perfect fall getaway? Our running camp schedule ends with Foliage camps timed to coincide with the peak of Vermont’s striking fall color - and now you and 3 friends can save 15% (almost $100)!

While there’s never a bad time to visit the Center, autumn is especially spectacular. The Center’s trails are ablaze with color, Hosmer Pond is still warm enough for swimming and the crisp air makes for invigorating morning runs. In addition to running, you’ll enjoy excellent instruction, yoga, hiking, coach/ athlete one-on-one consultations, a relaxed atmosphere, and delicious food from our Vermont Fresh Network certified dining hall. It’s a great camp for runners with partners who don’t necessarily share their depth of passion about the sport. 

Sign up today and come enjoy a spectacular display of fall foliage. Bring 3 or more friends, and you'll all enjoy 15% off. Already signed up? Form your group now and you can still save - just get us your group form.

Still have questions? Please contact us at for more programming information, or contact the office at with general concerns about lodging and so forth. 

Prices on running vacations are all inclusive: double occupancy room with shared bath (upgrades available for more space to spread out), delicious meals from our Vermont Fresh Network Dining Hall, use of all our facilities including the Activity Center gym/ weight room, one-on-one coaching consultations with our professional coaching staff, as well as optional field trips around the beautiful Northeast Kingdom of Vermont. Make reservations online or call us at 802-586-7767.