All Comers

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July 21-27, 2019 / 7 Days - $1135

A training camp fit for all ages and abilities! Athletes typically span their 20s to 60s, with both life-long runners and recent converts. Our week of training will include instruction in a healthy variety of intensity workouts, mobility and strengthening routines, and cross-training exercises, as well as easy miles on the best of Craftsbury’s dirt road loops. A staff of experienced, dedicated coaches will provide individual coaching throughout the week, working with you to plan your next race build-up or to brainstorm ways to keep your training consistent and fun. Not convinced yet? Athletes will also enjoy multiple yoga sessions, a hands-on sports nutrition workshop, lake activities, and excursions to local hotspots.

Training trip? Active vacation? Whatever you decide, you'll find new adventure buddies and rediscover what drew you to running in the first place. Sign up here. 

Want to learn more about camp? Check out our FAQs and Campifesto